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This is the most powerful earthquake in the country this year
24-09-2016, 11:56 Read more
With medical contraindications to Tyson Fury
24-09-2016, 10:46 Read more
Радбез ООН закликав всі держави приєднатися до заборони ядерних випробувань

Security Council ob 'United Nations called on all States to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, adopted 20 years ago
23-09-2016, 23:05 Read more

US Vice President Joe Biden announced the readiness of the Ukrainian authorities to provide special status of Donbass.
23-09-2016, 22:40 Read more

There is no such circumstances in which Britain would be able to maintain access to the single European market, but to abandon the agreement on free movement of persons
23-09-2016, 21:45 Read more

It is said in the official statement of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine.
23-09-2016, 19:35 Read more

US military build activity, and South Korea in the area of the Korean Peninsula North Korea provokes the new rash action
23-09-2016, 17:50 Read more

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that could have avoided the collapse of the Soviet Union, but the Communist Party promoted the idea devastating for the country
23-09-2016, 16:26 Read more

The first place it took an actor Jim Parsons, who played the role of Sheldon Cooper in the TV series "The Big Bang Theory "
23-09-2016, 14:52 Read more

Ukraine again urged the Security Council to review the need to establish an international tribunal, which would be drawn to responsibility in the destruction of civilian rocket flight MN17 in the sky over eastern Ukraine.
23-09-2016, 14:25 Read more
In the Netherlands, want to determine the fate of association with Ukraine
23-09-2016, 12:46 Read more
In Moscow killed a top manager of Putin's entourage
23-09-2016, 12:07 Read more
To establish the cause of death of most of those who could not get out of the House of Trade Unions
23-09-2016, 09:19 Read more

The Netherlands is unlikely to ratify the Association Agreement Ukraine-EU, as against such a decision were made by residents in a referendum in April this year
22-09-2016, 18:30 Read more

Hollywood stars have recorded a video in which US residents call Duty 'necessarily come to the polls on November 8 and vote for "future of our children and society. "
22-09-2016, 15:07 Read more

US House of Representatives unanimously approved a law H.R. 5094 "On the maintenance of stability and democracy in Ukraine ", previously supported by the Committee on Foreign Affairs
22-09-2016, 12:04 Read more
Because of the large number of migrants
22-09-2016, 10:00 Read more
Ukraine should actively carry out political and economic reforms
22-09-2016, 09:19 Read more
vyshem world best this year named British Oxford University
22-09-2016, 08:30 Read more

According to the Russian media, the ship will travel to the Mediterranean Sea in mid-October
21-09-2016, 23:54 Read more
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