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The foreign ministers of the "Norman Quartet " after meeting in Berlin looked forward to the early signing of the removal of boundary arms caliber less than 100 millimeters.

It is said in a statement the Foreign Ministry of Germany.

The report states that the parties agreed on three directions.

I. Security
Together we reaffirm that the last two weeks of the ceasefire must continue to be strengthened and protected.

We achieve this through our commitment to the agreement on the withdrawal of weapons from the zone of conflict. Agreement between Kyiv and Moscow brokered by OSCE nearing completion.

Thus, mi inform the tripartite working group of the Contact Group that the agreement on allocation light weapons and armored vehicles must be developed and implemented as soon as possible. Should agree on an agreement at the next meeting of the working group.

In addition, it was decided that as soon as possible to begin the process of demining.

We also require further unhindered access to all parts of the OSCE in the conflict zone.

II. The political process
We have made significant progress on most of the political process that is key to the implementation of Minsk II.

The conditions and timing of local elections will be made in the working group on tripartite policy of the Contact Group. They are based on the proposal coordinator of a working group, P 'Pierre Morel, and Minsk II.

All other controversial and difficult questions about the electoral process, status and the issue of constitutional reform must now be quickly addressed in the working group on policy Contact Group.

Proposals for this on the table and in our opinion, they are a good basis for future decisions.

III. Humanitarian and economic issues
Now we have to think about the coming winter. We do not want to experience again a repetition of the humanitarian crisis last winter.

Therefore, there was broad agreement that specific further steps are not only useful, but necessary for immediate implementation.

We guarantee that humanitarian agencies are unhindered access to people in conflict zones.

The time remaining should be used for which we offer rapid implementation of economic projects and infrastructure rehabilitation projects.
Particularly much to do with water supply. This should be addressed to our common desire.

The fact remains that the Minsk process depends on the political will of the conflicting parties, which in February reached agreements.

Our meeting today and announced a Heads of State meeting in October in Paris shows - with all the difficulties - such is the political will.
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13-09-2015, 12:00

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