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British doctors of Oxford and Cambridge and University College London and King said the first case of recovery from HIV adult.

From HIV cured 44-year-old Briton, according to The Sunday Times.

He was the first of the 50 individuals who have received special antiviral therapy.

The new technique, according to the scientists to track and destroy HIV immediately throughout the body, not just in the areas where the virus is most active.

Studies have shown that the content of virus in the blood after undergoing therapy so low that tests showed negative results.

The standard active antiretroviral therapy suppresses the infected cells but does not affect other infected T-lymphocytes. This means that the currently existing drugs can control HIV activity, but does not deny it.

The researchers note that their proposed treatment while being tested and is not intended for widespread clinical implementation.

According to the WHO, by 2014 about 37 million people worldwide were infected with HIV and 34 million have died from causes fl related with the disease. By this time of year the virus killed about 1.5 million and about 2.2 million have become carriers of the virus. Antiviral therapy are less than half of patients.

In Ukraine, the number of cases of HIV infection remains high. With almost 130,000 HIV-positive people are now under surveillance, the vast majority - 87% - persons of reproductive and working age (15-49 years).

The Ministry of Health 'Ukraine I emphasize that under the existing humanitarian crisis and fighting in eastern Ukraine increased risk of HIV infection, particularly in combination with hepatitis and infections transmitted sexually.
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3-10-2016, 15:16

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