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Q 'yatdesyat Republicans who previously held high government positions in national security, economy and foreign policy, signed the letter, which said: "None of us will not vote for Donald Trump. "

The authors of the letter were a number of employees of administrations Republican presidents - from Richard Nixon to George W. Bush. In particular, the signatories were former CIA Director Michael Hayden, former Director of National Security Michael Chertoff and Tom Ridge, former Trade Representative Carla Hills and former deputy secretary of state a few.

The letter was one of the most critical statements about Trump campaign by his party members, reports "Voice of America. "

In compiled in sharp tones letter states that Trump is not simply possess the qualities necessary for a president, but it will be dangerous and Chief "naybezrozsudnishym president in American history. "

"He has no character, values and experience. It weakens the moral authority of the United States. He is not able to control themselves and act impulsively. He does not tolerate personal criticism. It alarmed our closest allies with its unpredictable behavior " - the letter said.

The letter accused Trump that he demonstrates "alarming ignorance in regard to the fundamental facts of contemporary international politics, " and argue that it shows no willingness to learn.

"All this - as dangerous for the person who wants to be president and commander, who will manage the US nuclear arsenal, " - said in the letter.

A Trump was equally sharp. Republican candidate called the 50 authors of the letter part of "bankrupt Washington elite ", people who, along with Hillary Clinton took "disastrous decision to invade Iraq, admitted the death of Americans in Benghazi and allowed the rise ... " Islamic state ".

Meanwhile, a growing list of Republicans who say they will not support Trump in the general election, joined Senator from Maine Susan Collins.

"Donald Trump does not reflect the historical republican values and do not profess inclusive approach to governance, which is essential to overcome the divisions in our country, "- said in his article published in the Washington Post.

Recall that in the last days of the presidential candidate of the Republican party Donald Trump made several controversial comments on Ukraine.

First, he stated that consider recognition of the Crimea the Russian in the event of his victory. Later, he even repeated the fiction of Russian propaganda that supposedly most people on the peninsula "wanted to join Russia ". He also said that Russia will not attack the Ukraine, although it has already happened.

Later, Trump tried clumsily to justify the words of nonaggression in Ukraine, but only demonstrated his incompetence in foreign policy.
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9-08-2016, 12:25

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