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The substances contained in eggs are converted into serotonin.

Previous studies have shown that serotonin affects not only the mood and feeling of happiness, but also in social behavior. It is associated with displays of generosity and kindness.

It is also known, the amino acid tryptophan, which is found in eggs, poultry, beans, oats, fish, cheese, tofu and nuts, the body turns into serotonin.

In the new study, researchers from Leiden University was attended by 32 healthy students. Half of the participants given placebo, and others - tryptophan dose equivalent to that contained three eggs.

Volunteers asked the night before and the morning of the experiment did not eat or drink anything other than water. Participants also had to abstain from alcohol or drugs during the study.

Students are given $ 15 for participating in the study and were asked if they are willing to sacrifice part of his remuneration to charity. Volunteers from the experimental group sacrificed on average two times more than those who were given placebo. In the future, experts plan to conduct a similar experiment with a large number of participants.

Another recent study debunked the myth that eggs are bad for the heart and raise blood cholesterol in healthy people.
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15-11-2015, 10:00

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