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У центрі Чернівців пройдуть змагання з велоспорту
will be closed to traffic
16-07-2016, 09:56 Read more
The event was held in Kherson
15-07-2016, 23:07 Read more

The best player in the history of Ukrainian football led the national team for four years after the car 'Jer.
15-07-2016, 16:22 Read more
After the failure at Euro 2016.
14-07-2016, 13:07 Read more

The International Olympic Commitee called 's positive doping test in selected Ukrainian Yuliya Kalina vazhkoatletky bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics

13-07-2016, 23:18 Read more
Chernivtsi lost with a minimum score
13-07-2016, 22:03 Read more
Vitaly Bernadsky scored maximum points
13-07-2016, 18:20 Read more
The team will meet Chile and Portugal
13-07-2016, 17:56 Read more
The match will take place in Morshyn
13-07-2016, 17:28 Read more
Markevich will head the committee of national teams
13-07-2016, 10:04 Read more
На Олімпіаді в Ріо Україну представлятимуть 205 спортсменів

Ukraine Olympic team at the Games in Rio will be presented the lowest number of participants in the history of country performances at the Summer Olympics
12-07-2016, 19:35 Read more
arrived five newcomers
12-07-2016, 19:08 Read more
Thrace was laid near the village of Valia Kuzmina
12-07-2016, 18:33 Read more
Special was a separate race for children
12-07-2016, 17:28 Read more
The event was held in Ternopil
12-07-2016, 17:06 Read more
13-year-old midfielder won the tournament " leather ball - Cup Coca-Cola "
12-07-2016, 16:32 Read more

Each of the 24 teams will receive € 8 million for participating in the tournament. In the group stage were bonuses for the result, for the victory - € 1 million, and the draw - € 0,5 million

11-07-2016, 19:30 Read more
Luck was on the side of the Portuguese
11-07-2016, 18:59 Read more
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