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Although this story publishing label set 17_plus_, the author believes her child to some extent
3-06-2016, 00:48 Read more
Jamal to give memory Almanac about the history and traditions of the area Putyla
2-06-2016, 18:48 Read more
syurpryroz pleasant for all visitors were autograph sessions, promotions, exhibitions, book installations, photo exhibitions
2-06-2016, 17:58 Read more
The students approached the actress with requests to do with her and asked for autographs selfie
2-06-2016, 16:13 Read more
Local say the crew rises to the top over fifteen hundred meters
2-06-2016, 11:21 Read more
In general presented 50 photographs of the Romanian, Serbian and Hungarian artists
1-06-2016, 16:19 Read more
The next set of children's drama school will be held the last weekend of August
1-06-2016, 14:49 Read more
Although the book is written for teenagers interesting history story came to listen to readers and adults
30-05-2016, 23:44 Read more
Catherine Mihalitsyna meet with kids and their families in Chernivtsi
30-05-2016, 19:48 Read more
An artist named "stydoboyu " that in no monument Mykolaychuk
30-05-2016, 17:59 Read more
May 30 will be a presentation of the new book Chernivtsi young writer Andrew Tuzhikov " Another brick in the wall "
30-05-2016, 14:55 Read more
The largest number of measures accounted for 15 June
29-05-2016, 11:49 Read more

She came to visit a member of Chernivtsi Gali Pogodin
28-05-2016, 13:01 Read more

arrived in Chernivtsi on tour
28-05-2016, 12:16 Read more
Composer Joseph Van axis in Ukraine gives only two concerts - in Kyiv and Chernivtsi
27-05-2016, 02:27 Read more
During the presentation of Alexander Bukreyev tell about life Luhansk fate of its inhabitants, personal stories of people
26-05-2016, 18:09 Read more
In April-June Izdryk Yuri and Irina pillars will visit 26 cities
26-05-2016, 14:26 Read more
Joseph Van axis will give a concert in the church "Heart of Jesus "
25-05-2016, 23:01 Read more
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