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The exhibition photographers of Chernivtsi Kozmenka Maxim and Basil Salyha can be visited from July 21 exhibition hall "Vernissage "
20-07-2016, 16:15 Read more
Among the prizes - camera GoPro, handbags and designer T
19-07-2016, 13:00 Read more
In Chernivtsi " KUTLESS " will give a concert on August 12 at the Cathedral Square, beginning at 18:00
18-07-2016, 16:20 Read more
Ani Lorak with her husband and daughter resting in Antalya
18-07-2016, 15:27 Read more
For local governments have no authority to intervene in economic activity of musicians
18-07-2016, 12:24 Read more
Irina Zhytaryuk presented in the competition the author's collection of clothes in the Ukrainian style
18-07-2016, 00:58 Read more
International Folk Festival will be held 16-17 July in open-air museum
12-07-2016, 17:12 Read more
During the festival will run several thematic areas
12-07-2016, 15:50 Read more
A graduate of the University of Paris-VIII Oscar Shtertser talk about what and how to live french surrealism
12-07-2016, 11:16 Read more
For the second time in Bukovina passed "Dniester Fest "
11-07-2016, 15:22 Read more
The famous director shot by Alan erotic clip for the singer from Chernivtsi
11-07-2016, 13:26 Read more
and folklore bands appear on the bank of the river Dniester
9-07-2016, 17:08 Read more
Modern Chernivtsi Cossacks danced right on the pavement break-dance
9-07-2016, 10:56 Read more
The presentation clip "9 Life " Reshetnyak Tatiana on 9 July
7-07-2016, 18:22 Read more
On the street. Kobylanska 22, everyone can get a new image by making a stylish haircut or hairstyle
7-07-2016, 15:33 Read more
Battle between stars in the network increased popularity Hotel
6-07-2016, 20:46 Read more
The journalist Roman Skripin joked that Jackson caught in Chernivtsi mafia
6-07-2016, 17:27 Read more
"Old Lion Publishing " represents the first time at the fair novelties star
5-07-2016, 20:47 Read more
The 4-minute video briefly captured the students the story of the famous film
5-07-2016, 15:37 Read more
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