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The court session will start on Friday in the Shevchenko District Court
9-08-2016, 17:24 Read more
Joseph Oleg pay 425 hryvnia fine for an administrative offense
9-08-2016, 12:55 Read more
Буковинка наклала на себе руки на п’ятому місяці вагітності
After a quarrel with his mother
9-08-2016, 08:29 Read more
The police exposed a criminal group that committed murder for robbery
8-08-2016, 23:32 Read more
The taxi driver and the attacker knew
8-08-2016, 19:18 Read more
found and seized over 140 tons of the said building material and equipment to its significant amount of packaging and paper mishkivz logo PSC " Podolsky cement "
8-08-2016, 17:08 Read more
Law enforcement officers noticed a man in the street Lukyanovich
8-08-2016, 10:58 Read more
The driver lacked any documentation on the origin of wood
8-08-2016, 10:41 Read more
A man wounded in the leg
7-08-2016, 14:30 Read more
After the accident brought the victim to his house and left him to die
7-08-2016, 13:58 Read more
"This is just the beginning of " - said the head of the GPU
7-08-2016, 11:07 Read more
President Natspolitsiyi reported the detention and arrest of Dmitry Golub
5-08-2016, 20:31 Read more
The prosecutors told the details of the case
5-08-2016, 18:27 Read more
The victim died from his injuries on the spot
5-08-2016, 17:16 Read more
Officials have developed a scheme misappropriation of state forests controlled by implementing structures to bypass the auction and illegal felling "outstanding " trees
5-08-2016, 15:10 Read more
The suspects noticeably nervous
5-08-2016, 12:42 Read more
The district court of Donetsk Manhushskyy Father John Hopko released under personal obligation
3-08-2016, 16:49 Read more
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