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Гривня продовжує зміцнюватися
The euro and the dollar has declined slightly
15-06-2016, 09:19 Read more
"We have to take away from the center of many routes that overlap " - said Kaspruk
14-06-2016, 15:47 Read more
Cigarettes 700 thousand seized
14-06-2016, 12:56 Read more
Enterprises Vyzhnychchyny
14-06-2016, 00:18 Read more
If entrepreneurs do not challenge the charges
13-06-2016, 20:38 Read more
Zubko said that this year the Regional Development Fund in the Chernivtsi region will be funded 15 projects totaling almost 80 million
13-06-2016, 15:51 Read more
Громадянин Молдови намагався ввезти до Буковини патрони
Customs officers Customs office "Kelmentsi " to remove
10-06-2016, 11:36 Read more
But yet possible to book tickets
9-06-2016, 19:09 Read more
On the ninth of June - the second stage
9-06-2016, 15:17 Read more
20 бюджетних установ Буковини торік відмовилися від газу
switched to alternative fuel sources
8-06-2016, 12:13 Read more
instead tracked wheeled tractors
7-06-2016, 09:38 Read more
In the bumper, door panels and floor he hid cigarettes
6-06-2016, 15:35 Read more
On the optimization and centralization of functions reported Mikhail Romanov
6-06-2016, 14:48 Read more
On additional payments to depositors notified
6-06-2016, 11:58 Read more
There will be a privatization auction
6-06-2016, 09:40 Read more
The Cabinet was told where sabotage electronic public procurement
5-06-2016, 09:50 Read more
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