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Stefan Vuiko of Beregomet believes that Ukraine will not enter the EU
4-10-2016, 11:41 Read more
During the vote on September 20
25-09-2016, 10:50 Read more
In the video world famous musician used a fragment of the line Parliament
22-09-2016, 14:03 Read more
In 1944 the song with which she won the Eurovision
22-09-2016, 12:15 Read more
The video presentation will be held on September 22
18-09-2016, 21:28 Read more
The Research Library in Chernivtsi collected 3D-lab

14-09-2016, 17:39 Read more
The show "Passion Inspector " checked repair the streets of Bogdan Khmelnitsky
6-09-2016, 18:10 Read more
The leader had tested another institution in the city center
6-09-2016, 11:50 Read more
Crew "New Channel " inspected hotels, restaurants and streets of Chernivtsi
6-09-2016, 07:14 Read more
The children woke up completely bald, suffered from the horrors and hallucinations
3-09-2016, 21:37 Read more
The action had the Open University for Adults
1-09-2016, 14:49 Read more
The Sentinels establish whether the anti-Ukrainian publications in these appeals, and he left them in school
1-09-2016, 00:08 Read more
Zhadan Pomerantseva inquired about the festival for "Public "
25-08-2016, 13:39 Read more
The tourists recorded an interesting video with historical monuments in Chernivtsi region
24-08-2016, 14:23 Read more
Joseph Oleg published video from the event
14-08-2016, 19:50 Read more
The composition is dedicated to women who are going through all the difficulties, or even get to see their husbands wait
11-08-2016, 13:16 Read more
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