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Every morning, walking parks or squares of the city, we see many people who are engaged in jogging or walking.

Remarkably, every year it becomes more and more. This means that to be healthy, play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle in our society is becoming fashionable. But most pleased by the fact that amateur training health increasing proportion of elderly people.

Age - is not a sentence
Advancing age - a critical period in human life. Morpho functional changes that occur in the body of the elderly, leading to a decrease in viability. Usually at this age everyone has a " bunch " chronic diseases of internal organs. In addition, after 60 years, most have problems with the musculoskeletal system: often worried about back pain and joint pain, felt stiffness and limited movement, the loss of calcium bones become brittle. It is difficult today to find a man venerable age, is not dependent on the drug maintain health.
To this often added psychological problems. The man who all his life worked and led an active life, retiring, and feels useless: to work to seek, children and adults with life ... Once in such a situation, many people find it very difficult to cope, do not give up find new meaning in life.

Continue youth - is easy
Fortunately, there is a fairly simple way even in old age improve their health, feel again the joy and desire to live. You must simply move, begin to engage in light exercise. Study by American researchers University Case Western Reserve, which was attended by about 300 volunteers aged 65-94 years shows that physical activity improves quality of life.

Similar conclusions came to Norwegian researchers. Watching the 5700 men of advanced age, they found that those who paid to physical activity at least 3 hours a week, live, on average, five years longer than their peers who were sedentary.

In order to function, our body needs movement, without this rapidly aging body. If you want as long as possible to feel young - chug.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people aged 65 years 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week incl daily household chores (cleaning, washing dishes, working in the garden, etc.).

Probably each of you to remember one or more of their friends older who through constant practice of sport and physical education, have kept good physical shape, do not suffer from depression, and the strength and desire to work with, and sometimes more, than youth.

need to exercise regularly, but cautiously
Implicitly, employment wellness exercise a positive effect on physical and mental health of people of any age. But we should not forget that training in old age should be made with caution. If you have never engaged in physical exercise itself, but from the time when you were last in the gym or on the playground ... eleven years have passed, it is best to see a specialist in this area. It will help you calculate the load will tell where to start and how to make lessons useful and safe.

If you are determined to improve their physical shape, but can not get specialist advice, let us consider the main points that must be considered in their training the elderly.

Get medical advice
Consult your doctor that you exercise useful, and that can cause harm.
There are a number of contraindications to severe active exercise.
- Any diseases in exacerbation;
- Cold-viral and infectious diseases;
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal dysfunction of the joints;
- Cardiovascular disease;
- Hypertensive heart disease with frequent crises;
- Postoperative conditions;
- Malignant neoplasm.

Fitness for seniors is different
Exercise for older people should be moderate. It is necessary to take account of the age-related changes that occur in the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system, musculoskeletal system. So I must choose exercises to completely eliminate the possibility of falling, injury and precisely control the dosage load. Preference will be given exercises to improve overall stamina, coordination and flexibility. With great care include a set of exercises on strength and speed.

How to make safe and effective occupation
Start with light exercises that do not require significant physical effort. The load should increase gradually. First, do 5-7 exercises for 2-3 repetitions. Gradually, increase the amount of exercise to 15-20, and the number of repetitions to 8-10.

If you like to run, it is best to start with short walks each day gradually increasing their duration and speed. After 2-3 weeks of classes you can switch to light jogging.

Engage regularly, not occasionally. To achieve the health effect. should exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Over time you can increase the amount of training to five, and the duration of employment leave unchanged.

mindful to place employment was not foreign objects through which you can fall and get hurt. Paths for walking and jogging choose without pits, stones without sharp climbs and descents.

It is important to breathe while exercising. Inhale to do nose, exhale -rotom. It is strictly forbidden to hold their breath. The easiest way to control the load - the so-called " Elementary test " . Try to talk while walking or running. If you do it without problems, load optimal for you. In the event that you can not talk because of shortness of breath, immediately reduce the rate of movement. This means that your body lacks oxygen, and therefore load - excessive.

Between different exercises relax. Pause should be sufficient for a complete recovery of the body. It is best to trust your own feelings. Start to perform the following exercise when you feel rested and have the strength to continue.

A set of exercises you perform should include the work of the muscles of the body. The best for the body is the physical exercise from the top down (neck, shoulder girdle, arms, torso, legs).

Do not make sudden and jerky movements. No follow through force: Exercise should not cause pain.

After classes you can feel a slight, pleasant fatigue which changed after 30-40 minutes influx of strength and energy. If the fatigue lasts a long time and there is a weakness, it is necessary to reduce the load.

Remember, older people should do exercise required. It is proved that by starting to engage even in old age, people can significantly improve their health, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and strengthen the immune system.

Be optimistic. Learn to enjoy exercising. Live in harmony with oneself and the world. Love yourself and others.

The head of the physical education course BSMU Natalia Kulish.
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