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Have you ever wondered why we so appreciate female beauty and why so low - male?

Indeed, in the animal world is the opposite. It is strongly males adorn themselves and females quite invisible.

An interesting study conducted evolutionary psychologists. They set out to find out why so low we appreciate male beauty and a great value to women's attractiveness. Unfairly limit the rights! For beautiful ladies men went to war exploits and solved, they dedicated the poem. Attractive appearance Cleopatra is known to be significantly influenced the political map of the world. By irony of sexual dimorphism in relation to anything like the opposite camp is not observed. Another brave, like Narcissus, history has prepared the sad and instructive destiny.

But perhaps it is only the European culture? Perhaps other nations everything was different? These questions set itself known researcher Jonathan issues of sexual selection Hottshall from Washington and Jefferson College. He decided to find out whether this is doubtless very popular in recent years, the social and constructivist approach to the problem of female beauty, which explains its conditionality rather than evolutionary reasons as certain stereotypes that have emerged in Western culture and spread, with various reasons worldwide.

And among those animals the situation is quite different. Behavioral asymmetry in them, in most cases, is the opposite character! This notice is Darwin. All these peacock tails, battle for deer horns and beating his fists in the chest designed to attract the attention of females who choose partners based on their perceptions of male beauty. Options female individuals thus play no role except, perhaps, the ability to play, that is age.

We have all the same with little difference: the beauty of license belongs ladies. And now, 150 years after Sir Charles, unusual anomaly worried minds of scientists. That's what he thinks about this Richard Dawkins (* Richard Dawkins (Eng. Clinton Richard Dawkins; March 26, 1941) - English intellectual, evolutionary biologist, founder memetics, known as a popularizer of science and atheistic beliefs.): " Based with evolutionary considerations, it is expected that in cases where there are differences between the sexes, advertise themselves males and females are inconspicuous " . However, this woman painted, choosing clothes, looking at us from the covers of glossy magazines and smiling in advertising. A man, for his part, when discussing the ladies primarily hurry to share their opinions about their sex appeal.

It is the second part of the way, so ardent admirers dislike of sexual equality, which together with some anthropologists and sociologists suddenly decided to write off all of European specificity. Like, even in English there are two different words for women (beautiful) and male (handsome) beauty.

And although various studies have refuted this view, but so far the vast majority of the sources of this particular sexual behavior of modern Homo sapiens continue to explain the expansion values - along with " McDonald " , Coca-Cola and other achievements of civilization that Aboriginal delighted with the era Discovery.

So Jonathan Hottshall decided to get to the truth, immersed in the historical and literary sources deeper in time. 90 monuments were analyzed literature of different nations. Each of them using modern computer technology 58 searched keywords that are associated with human beauty, while considered as purely utilitarian appeals fertility and romantic (lifted) Exercise. Additionally, a group of students was asked to examine more thoroughly obscure and ambiguous text.

found that 70 of the 90 analyzed ancient works were more references to the female appeal, and in 30 of them references to external charms stronger sex was too little. Of the 20 stories that were, only 4 were found examples of more favorable treatment of men. Because our ancestors from the most remote corners of the planet were on average six times more favorable to female beauty, scientists have concluded that it is always and everywhere fair sex was just beautiful. And not ceased to be so today.

However, what is the basis of the above evolutionary paradox? Most researchers agree that the root of the problem should be sought in sexual selection models that have emerged in our ancestors.

All beings want to procreate, to take new territory and eliminate competitors, and man is no exception. And since people period necessary to put a child on his feet, literally and figuratively, is very long compared to other species that inhabit the Earth, the first place went task is not only to have a baby, but to grow it. So do not leave half of humanity excellent views of the rich groom.

Perhaps if it did not work that way, we would not have achieved what achieved. The vast majority of female mammals to be good in the long run to nothing: their process of reproduction will not be deleted, but most males still come running. However, Homo sapiens women need to attract as many men, so that was plenty to choose from, because the result should be not only qualitative, but also with a long " guarantee " service.

This is particularly acute in terms of monogamy, because " ten devchnok nine guys on statistics " . That dovodytsya women compete with each other for the men to get at least some men. But any does not want to, I want the best. So women used their tricks to emphasize its appeal, sometimes deceiving nature.

What is the point of view of science is external, physical beauty? Typically, samples of beauty is as much cultural and geographical national groups are on planet Earth. However, regardless of our cultural identity, we consider beautiful face and body, which bears the signs of health and natural suitability: features harmonious, healthy smile, fluffy hair, wide open, bright eyes shine with a healthy, equal thick eyebrows, equal proportional nose. Please note - these features have sex. Speaking of sexual dimorphism in this matter, the difference is only in the position on the scale of masculinity-femininity. For women - smaller features, soft jaws corners, softer expressed pigtail speeches, luxuriant lips and cheeks more pronounced subcutaneous fat, long and lush lashes. Men - sharper coarser features, massive bony projections, the lower jaw and nose, well-defined angles. Larger differences relate to the body, which is based on the level of sex hormones and the development of secondary sexual characteristics. Interestingly, even anthropological studies have found gender (social-sexual) difference in the perception of the importance of external signs of sexual hormones. Yes, men choose women with the highest manifestations of femininity that is with vivid signs of a high level of estrogen. This is understandable in terms of sexual selection as a guarantee of the successful transfer of genetic material to offspring. But women choose men who are not at the highest level on the scale of masculinity, and some displays of femininity, as it is possible chance that the father of a child will not only productive fertilizer, but also take part in the care and education, will be sufficient alert to her and her offspring.

From an evolutionary point of view man be more profitable: it could post the order more offspring and reproductive opportunities " weak " sex limited. Several studies have shown that women in different cultures - from aboryhenok graduates to Harvard - generally give more importance to social partner status than his attractiveness. Although there is an option that more wealthy people better care of themselves and look more attractive.

So the women try to mask any defects or lack of care femininity lipstick, mascara, creams, correctional clothing or even plastic surgery. The men were doing their best to look more prosperous, wealthy and, therefore, well-groomed.

alarming today is that both sides used all possible means of deception opposite sex, rather than health care, including - Reproductive because imitation is often more accessible and less energy, and sometimes - only possible for a family and maintaining relationships.

However, it should be considered that the degree of responsibility biological women in the reproductive process an order higher than men. Therefore, most likely, that's what makes the dominant concept of feminine beauty concept male.

At the same time, let us not deny men their right to beauty, at least the right to care for themselves and be attractive, because the contemporary cultural and declarations man inherently surround himself with beauty and harmony.

What a beauty salon facials are the most popular among men?

Men inherent desire to spend less time and money and thus get the maximum effect. Because cosmetic procedures with representatives of the stronger sex suit facial massage. If motivates a woman to massage course the information that it stimulates collagen production well, the men different approach. Facial massage relieves stress, relieves stress, relaxes city 'ides face. This is especially true of mizhbrovnyh 'muscles (m ' ides captain) - there is often formed fold in men who work hard and achieve much. In addition, massage tightens perfectly oval face and chin.

Men because of its features are more trusted machines (apparatus). So they will accept hardware techniques. For example, termoliftynh - quick procedure that tightens the skin, making it more elastic, eliminates wrinkles. The recommended frequency of cosmetic procedures for men is the same as for women - courses (available weekly).

Given these characteristics, the procedure can be recommended for men who will not be too burdensome for them, but at the same time help support optimal skin condition. In Men's Skin Care distinguish three important points.

washing. For washing is best to use gel. They optionally 'is sure to be male and have a masculine scent. But the best men of other means suitable facial wash. Because the foam they used to use when shaving, this means they familiar and understandable. By the way, using gels for shaving and you can shave and wash, and it will not be painful for a man.

Creams. The skin around the eyes and in the men and women most prone to drying and aging. Therefore, starting with 25 years for men and recommended to use creams for skin around the eyes. Moreover, some manufacturers of cosmetics and shaving are produced skin care products for men around the eyes. However, the principle of separation between male and female cream there. The man and women suit creams.

facial cream. Apply desirable, but not all men love it. Exit - to pick up your husband means aftershave, which includes oil and encourage him to apply not only to shave the zone, but also on the whole face. A man who does not shave, you can choose a light moisturizer to avoid any discomfort.

Exfoliation is also useful for men's skin, especially in autumn and winter. This procedure aligns the epidermis, refreshes complexion, making it well-groomed, smooth and good. Especially useful peeling, if a man have defects on the skin, bumps, rashes. Unfortunately persuade men to peeling, masks and other procedures particularly hard. Perhaps because men in priority to other tasks in life.

prepared by employees of the Department of Physiology. Ya.D. Kirshenblata
Dr. Med. Professor Tkachuk Svetlana
k. med. Associate Professor Elena Yasinska
k. med. Associate Professor Alexander V. Kuznetsov
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