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In the meantime, the situation in the region threatening

Two cases of polio in the Transcarpathian region shook Bukovynian parents who have not vaccinated their children or waiting for revaccination. Do polio threatens our area?

" My son will soon have seven years - says Vera chernivchanka KLIMACHOVA. - We need to make booster, but there is no vaccine. Because of the situation in Transcarpathia worried for their child " .
According to Alina Dashkevich, doctor-immunologist City Children's Polyclinic, the situation of polio threatens us because of the low scheplenist children. However, the doctor reassures that the polio vaccine soon will be.

- The question of the week or two, and we will have a vaccine - says Alina V.. - UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) provided us with the French vaccine production. She is now in Kiev, because soon it will be in all areas and regions. This French vaccine is very good quality, adapted to children, so parents should not worry. Soon all her children will be provided.

There is a special committee, which examines each case, to decide whether or not to vaccinate at this time a specific child, or delay vaccination because of better health. Alina Dashkevich says that you can not vaccinate children in the acute phase of the disease. When the child is recovered, it is not necessary to wait a week or two, you can be vaccinated right away.

- Polio - a disease that is usually not transmitted by airborne droplets - says Alina V.. - Enough to follow basic rules of hygiene: wash your hands after using the toilet, after a walk, etc. - and this may be enough to not get sick. Parents whose children vaccinated, do not worry - they have immunity already formed, even if not yet done revaccination. As for adults, they can not become infected with this disease, because it is purely a children's disease.

As to " paid " vaccines, which cost 600-700 USD for Alina Dashkevich says they really good quality, but not all parents can afford them. Although if such an option, the vaccine is very good for the baby.

- Now the number of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children decreases - especially after some outbreaks, such as Transcarpathia - says doctor-immunologist. - Although there is a small percentage that because of their religious beliefs refuse to be vaccinated. However, I want once again to reassure parents will soon be a vaccine, and it is all enough.

According to Viacheslav Cherniavsky, Deputy Chief of Gossanepidsluzhby in Chernivtsi region, the situation of polio in our region threatening. This is mainly due to outbreaks in Transcarpathian region.
- Every week we monitor the situation - said Vyacheslav. - In particular check the situation with sewage, enteroviruses, treatment of patients in urban and regional medical institutions and so on. He was in a suspicious accident, but fortunately, after all the examinations and tests diagnosis " Polio " is not confirmed.
We are closely following the situation, we expect a vaccine, which is already imported into Ukraine.

What is polio?
Poliomyelitis - is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus that belong to the group of enteroviruses transmitted fecal-oral, rarely by airborne droplets.

As shown?
Most virus affects children under five. It is believed that about 90% of cases of polio virus lesions occurring without obvious symptoms.
About 5% of infected have fever, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, symptoms of intoxication. Approximately 1% of cases develop serous meningitis.
Paralytic poliomyelitis form - rarest. At least 30% end in paralysis spontaneous recovery. Immunity life after the disease resistant.

The figures
In one of the 200 cases of infection develops paralysis, and only 10.5% of those who developed it, there comes a paralysis of respiratory muscles (according to WHO).

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