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However, before you use herbs, consult with experts

We are used to that if nervous or stress situations is always available over the counter sedative. However, there are other methods of calming, exercise, yoga. Not least among the rank and sedatives herbs.

- If a person wants to recover or settle down with the help of herbal medicine, it really do, - says Sergey CHASOVENKO, physician phytotherapeutist. - Since man exists, it treats their illness with herbs. It was the best treatment, today it remains the same. Although we have a large arsenal of synthetic, semi-synthetic drugs, herbal medicine is always effective.

In order to study medicinal herbs not have to be a doctor. Knowledge comes with experience. Once to start collecting herbs for yourself and be a doctor. But it is necessary to consider certain points.

First. It often happens that beginners who see the plant in the picture fitodovidnyku when plants are similar, believe that this is it. This is the first mistake. From the first time people can not know what this plant, because it can have many subspecies. For example, in the Chernivtsi region and in the Kolomyia plant may have a somewhat different color or appearance of leaves or flowers. Even in Bukovina Chernivtsi on one side larkspur blooms blue on the other side - white. But in reality it is the same plant.

Second. It is necessary to think about whether we are storing herbs, or picked up at the right time or in the territory where they can gather, whether they dried. Practice will come, and people learn. But it has to consult with experts. Later, over the years of practice, she can feel the plant, which foiled, know it will have to touch, smell and taste.

I have witnessed this pattern. I go to the market, some torn grandmother sells plant. I hear people ask: " What is it with you? " She replies: " Motherwort (n. Motherwort) " . When I came, I saw that it really is not. It was a type of dead-nettle, which has a different therapeutic effect. Although outwardly, indeed, it is similar to Leonuri.

This grandmother sells and people buy home likuvatymutsya, and the effect will be. In fact, plants are not poisonous, and the person does not hurt, but the benefits will be. The man treated the nervous system, and in fact, this plant helps with meager monthly. There are instances where beginners have want to be professionals. Let be beginners. The time will come - and once they become professionals. In addition, plants can be poisonous - it is taken into account.

Recipes from Sergei Chasovenka

To calm the nervous system
- use mint to soothe I would not recommend it - in fact it is not so soothing. On the contrary, mint stabilizes the nervous system, maintains, leads her to combat readiness.
But if you feel that you need to calm down, use these recipes.

1. Melissa officinalis
Often called wild balm mint. We must take a real balm (another name - lemon leaf). It smells like lemon.
1-2 or even 3. l. Melissa dry grass, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Insist hour. Strain, drink throughout the day.

2. Valerian root
Take no tincture of pharmacy, namely natural valerian root.
1 ch. L. Valerian root put in a thermos, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Insist night. In the morning filter and 0.5 liters of this drink tea throughout the day.

3. The root cyanosis
1 ch. L. root cyanosis fall asleep in a thermos overnight (prepared as valerian root). We drink throughout the day.

4. Peony uhylyasta (pyon uklonyayuschyysya - n. M.)
This is a special kind of wild peonies - not one that grows under our houses. She roots, creeping. Prepare and use as root cyanosis.

If you want to calm your nerves, do not start with a peony or cyanosis. Start with the simplest - with balm (drink away three weeks, then - break). If fails, try valerian root (just drink away three weeks). If it does not work, use root cyanosis. And then, if the previous grass did not help, go to the peony.

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