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Food postpartum women are dependent not only on the characteristics of the women, but also on how the child reacts to certain foods.

If the baby turns allergic to something completely " harmless " then the whole nursing this product banished from the menu mum.

Food mothers after birth in the first days after birth, usually " standard " - if no problems with health 'pits there, the woman at discharge from the hospital House issued a list of optional products and make their diet for the next few weeks.

Power on the first day after birth depends on how the labor went.

During lactation in nursing women should be increased water intake - about a liter more than usual, so that all should drink a total of two and a half to three liters a day. Women tend to feel themselves an increased need for water; particularly strongly they feel thirsty during the breast-feeding or just after it - because the body requires fluid to form a new portion of milk. Too much fluid can even reduce lactation.

should be revised and diet for nursing women. Daily calorie intake should be increased to two and a half thousand; and even two thousand eight hundred calories if you plan to continue breastfeeding as long as possible. But again, be careful: many women tend to feed the large consumption of sweets. Follow a healthy diet!

calories distribute evenly on n 'Five meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and an extra snack in the evening. At noon and snack you can eat dairy products with low fat, fruit, drink juice and water. Milk produced in lactating women constantly, so it is important that you constantly and evenly fueled body the necessary calories.

Dairy products without fruit additives, fresh apple or carrot juice, cooked vegetables, mashed potatoes, boiled m meat and fish - all these products can be eaten without restriction if the child has no allergies, and the mother is not afraid to gain weight. Sometimes it is possible to vary the diet of cereals (except rice), pasta, afford a slice of cheese. From the fruit can be eaten baked bananas and green apples - no special restrictions, just do not forget the sense of proportion.

Note! Feeding lactating mother after childbirth implies reduction of fluid intake per day. In the first week postpartum women food is limited in this respect because of the sharp inflow of milk. Recommended drink no more than a liter of sparkling water or fresh fruit juice, and for the next 4-6 weeks, this number increased to 1.5 liters. Sometimes you can afford a cup of tea, but the coffee in the first month after birth is better not to think. To permanently not feel excessive thirst, it is better to give up salt or minimize the amount consumed.

One month after the birth mother nutrition can safely diversify vegetable dishes, favorite meatballs and dumplings, fresh fruit, and " light " raw vegetables. A piece of good cooked sausages also does not hurt either female body, nor child. Since then, food nursing mothers after childbirth can be supplemented with milk and cheese, jam, honey.

In limited quantities can begin to take pickles: cucumbers, herring, mushrooms. But while on the Tomato should be abandoned.

After cesarean restrictions are the same as after abdominal operation usually permitted mineral water, lemon, croutons, the evening could not give strong broth. On the next day allowed porridge.

After the usual delivery diet after birth has the same restrictions continue the entire period of breastfeeding. What food will be right after birth, is determined in the same way by the presence of susceptibility to allergic reactions and chronic disease in the mother.

It is not advisable to use.
Food mothers after delivery should be balanced, full but easy. Obviously, fatty fried foods, red and black caviar, borscht with pork and other culinary delights should come from the diet until weaning. Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, cabbage, any exotic fruit - the enemies of your body, and the fruit is also possible allergens for children.

It is desirable to give up sweet muffin and chocolate at least the first month of feeding the baby, and certainly, nutrition immediately after delivery of these products must not contain. Sweet baby will not bring nothing but harm. And for you this will not be any good - in fact, most women gain weight in this period because should eat more abundant, and because of that abuse sweet.

Taboo exposed to garlic and onions, proper nutrition after birth must not contain anything sharp and smoked. Red fruits can cause the baby allergies, so too are exposed to " anathema " at the time of feeding. Canned m meat and fish - banned.

Food postpartum not contain even a hint of alcohol, until the use of alcohol-containing medicines. In fact, such a diet - another great reason to get rid of the extra kilos without torturing myself diets.

Stay away from tobacco. Nicotine through breast milk gets into the child's body, which can lead to serious consequences. Need to city 'favorites and the fact that not all products are suitable for power of women in this period. The ration feeding mothers should not be part-allergen foods and products that contain substances that increase the fermentation processes in the intestine. This onions, garlic, pickles, pickles, meats, grapes, pastries, crabs, shrimp, chocolate, foods with lots of sugar. Should be avoided in the diet of Meat of young animals and birds, as it has increased allergenicity. Allergens are eggs, citrus fruits, tomatoes and strawberries.

K. honey. n., assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology
Hoshovs'ka Alice V.
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