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In order not to lose the healing properties, keep it at a temperature of + 5-10 degrees

Honey - a product that gives longevity. Scientists have shown that among centenarians who live more than 100 years, is dominated by beekeepers or their families.

It seems everyone knows about honey. But not everyone knows that different types of honey have different useful.

- Energy value exceeds the value of honey grainy caviar, meat, fish. However, we must know how to store it - says Tatiana Ilashchuk, Head of the Chair of Internal Medicine BSMU. - In certain circumstances, honey can keep their healing properties for decades. It is hygroscopic, so it is not good to keep in a damp room, for absorbing moisture and skysaye. Cups with honey should be tightly closed - it prevents moisture and fermentation. The best temperature for storing - + 5-10 C, and by + 11-20 C, it can already zabrodyty.

According to Tatyana Alexandrovna, honey is best kept in a dark place or in a dark container - light degrades its quality (break down enzymes, vitamins). - In no way can it be stored in a container of zinc, copper, lead and their alloys, as this form compounds that can harm health and even lead poisoning - warns doctor. - Do not store it in an iron container, so as he gets an unpleasant smell and taste. The best containers for honey - wood (eg barrel), glass, clay (not glazed!) The best wood for barrels - linden, aspen, spruce, poplar. Pine resin contains that spoil the honey in oak - dark honey. Banks may not be kept together with substances that have strong smell (paints, varnishes, essences) as it quickly absorbs the smell of these substances.

- If you want to get a delicious and liquid honey with zakrystalizovanoho, it must be slowly heated in a water bath at a temperature of 45-50 degrees and a small amount (needed for consumption within 3-5 days) - notes Tatiana Ilashchuk. - Proper storage and a comb (comb bee) honey can be stored for a long time (even centuries) because it has disinfecting properties detrimental effect on germs and mold.

Zataryuvaty honey in glass must in the first 1-3 months until it is liquid. It is advisable to label the variety of honey, its year of manufacture, origin, place of assembly.

It is worth knowing

- How to use
Honey should take 1 ch. L. or 1 tbsp. l., holding as much as possible in the mouth. However, it is better to add water (200-250 ml), tea, milk, or fruit concoctions of herbs, juices.

- The quantity
The normal adult dose - 100-150 g of honey per day, divided into 3-4, for children - 30-80 g In the course of rehabilitation required of 800 2500 grams of honey - depending on the type of the disease, its stage, the person's age.

- This useful
Particularly useful medical people intense mental and physical labor, athletes, nursing mothers, elderly and elderly. It enhances immunity, accelerate and improve the efficiency of the recovery period, prevents psycho-emotional and mental breakdowns, acts like a sedative and improves sleep.

- How to choose honey
Lime, raspberry, Acacia, wood, honey ehinatseynyy useful for people who are prone to catarrhal diseases, tuberculosis, with weakened immune systems.
Steppe, meadow, beekeeping, Buckwheat, Sunflower honey desirable to use people with a tendency to digestive diseases. Honey collected from alfalfa, clover, chestnut, clover useful for mothers who are breastfeeding. Also, it is more useful for the elderly and senile age with a predisposition to cardiovascular disease.

- This is impossible
Do not use honey for people with excessive sensitivity to it (urticaria, angioedema, itching, allergic rhinitis), a large propensity to diarrhea, acute infectious intestinal diseases suffering from stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the acute stage.


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