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In 30 years, people - it formed personality: self, with education, a job, friends, his stance, plans future.

So our nephrological department at CMU " MDKL " , which is January 2, 2016 marks 30 years since the establishment, department of regional status, is stable, follows the model outcomes, providing highly specialized medical care to the children of the Chernivtsi region in compliance with applicable regulations of Ministry of health of Ukraine has considerable achievements, has authority among the inhabitants of Bukovina.

Mom, who took out the idea of creating Nephrology department in Chernivtsi region, Sokolov was Isakivna Clara, now retired, lives in. Moscow (Russia). Having been at the Republican conference in the city. Vinnitsa in 1976. When it is in the state originated foundations of Pediatric Nephrology, she was fascinated by this discipline (headed somatic department for 40 beds, where 10 beds treated children with kidney disease), was the organizer of the creation of a Nephrology department. K.I formed a team of like-minded people, the same focused, professional, like Melek VT - Senior med.sestru, Ivanov VV - S / households. Who more than 35 years and is now working in the office. Hospital Administration (head doctor Shemerda PK, nachmed Couric VS) and department staff took me 24-year old doctor after the internship in 1986 to his staff, trusted, supported and promoted the implementation plans.

History department - our mentors (pediatricians - Shaporenko MV Taranovska NM, nurses - Khrapko A., Romaniuk W., A. Rusu, who donated the workplace his daughter Mary, younger sister - Frolyak O., D. Churyuk), their own experience and personal attention to the young. That we are veterans. It is the younger generation that comes and picks up our heritage goes to us and with us.

Pediatric Nephrology at all rather young industry specific, demanding needs and self-discipline. We have no turnover, only in certain circumstances and if the person understands that this is not her life choices. But where would then not work our employees, they are good workers, for basic skills acquired in us to help them in the future.

I is the first certified nephrologist children in Bukovina, and without his team division, which led in the summer of 1986, 30 years would not have these significant results and authority, for which I want to thank everyone.

From intern doctor highly qualified physician who 22 years successfully working together and supporting my initiative, OI is Pervozvanska By the way, in Ukraine to date, only 317 children Nephrology, Bukovina - four of them, the third with the highest level of proficiency.

At the present stage in current pediatric nephrology growth rate remains severe nephropathy with the formation of newly diagnosed chronic pathological conditions, difficulties in their diagnosis, especially in young children, is not always timely appeal to a pediatric nephrologist.

Therefore, given the risk - factors that influence the development and course of chronic kidney disease in pediatric nephrology (low birth weight or prematurity child growing or young maternal age, low material status and educational level of the family , family history, growing toxic effects of drugs, diabetes 1 and type 2, hypertension, urinary tract infection, smoking, autoimmune diseases, urolithiasis, metabolic disorders, etc.), data on international guidelines should expect growth kidney disease in children will lead to the development of chronic kidney disease. All that we have seen in recent years. Prolikovuyemo Every year more than 650 patients with kidney and urinary tract.

By the age structure of a growing number of hospitalized patients mostly younger age groups, especially the first year. 50% of these patients - children from the first month of life up to 6 years. In the general structure of diseases of the urinary system dominated microbial - inflammatory conditions and diseases immunocomplex in a ratio of 3: 1. Proslidkovuyetsya increasing number of renal patients with persistent renal dysfunction with the formation of renal hypertension.

Children with various forms of glomerulonephritis prolikovuyemo year more than 100 people. Of these, about 60 people. - With nephrotic syndrome and mixed forms that require software according to the protocol of pathogenic immunosuppressive therapy. Weather in such patients depends on the severity of kidney damage, and the timely appointment of treatment, lack of joining superinfection. Treatment is expensive as carried out according to protocol software from 20 to 160 days in the hospital, with isolation of the patient and the appropriate mode, and the possible destruction of other organs. This applies to patients with chronic renal failure who are too nyrkovozamisnu, immunosuppressive therapy, are preparing for the dialysis. In past years was a risk of recurrence - for infection.

Now in the new building have the opportunity to treat more severe cytostatics and pulse - therapy. Children
* with chronic renal failure 2 - 5 centuries.
* acute failure * with tubulopatiyamy and hereditary nephritis,
* Interstitial, toxic nephritis, * states kidney transplant -
are among treated patients with severe disabling disease.

Each year, 70 children prolikovuyemo -invalidiv.
Department doctors provide consulting, organizational - methodical, sanitary - educational work on pediatric nephrology, actively working with groups of departments of nephrology and renal replacement therapy NMAPE them. PL and the Institute of Nephrology AMS of m. Kyiv.

I express my gratitude to the staff of our hospital, such as: urology, critical care, pediatric offices, qualified laboratory service department of radiation and functional testing, admissions, hospital administration and management of health care, children's nephrologist clinics, Department of Pediatrics and surgery, colleagues from other hospitals, as nephrology are interdependent and vzayemointehrovanoyu discipline.

We have good achievements, no severe cases and mortality. We have problems like other branches, what is the objective and subjective reasons. But today only the good.

Prospects for improvement of Nephrology department and service multifaceted: it is the compliance model outcomes and continued introduction of new techniques, enhance continuity of outpatient - polyclinic network, continuing formation of a regional register of patients with CKD and renal failure to timely early skilled care at dodializnomu stage, this increasing awareness about diseases of the urinary system, compliance with clinical protocols of care, and increased alertness of physicians, especially primary care, about the dangers of kidney damage in cases within their jurisdiction, control the likely development of secondary nephropathy, and many other professional issues that we can.

Andreychuk Tatiana, Head of Nephrology department CMU " MDKL " , the main children's nephrologist doses and health care management Chernivtsi City Council.
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