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Urinary incontinence - one of the most pressing issues of modern gynecology because this symptom causes severe physical and mental suffering of women.

Today, the problem of incontinence is not only medical but also social value. Statistics show that about a third of patients who every year apply to the gynecologist indicate symptoms of involuntary urination and sociological surveys indicate that individual episodes of incontinence occur in 40% of all women. To incontinence causes dysfunction of the sphincter of the bladder, reducing the length of the urethra anatomical posterior urethra and bladder-angle.

Of course, the problem of urinary incontinence can live a long life, taking pathology as a kind of inevitability due to the inherent manifestations of age, while contemplating how family relationships are destroyed, our own identity through a sense of inferiority , suffering not horrible physical suffering. But in the XXI century we, obstetrician, would like to see another woman model attitude to their own health and wellbeing, ladies of all ages to be healthy, vibrant, attractive and, therefore, confident. So remember that to solve this problem can and should be. First of all, please consult a gynecologist, who can assess the condition of the pelvic floor, the extent and nature of the breach of pelvic functions, their causes and then determine the possibility of restoring normal anatomy and physiology of the entire pelvic complex.

With the development of science and technology widely used in the world have become so-called loop operations, rightly, are essential in the surgical treatment of urinary incontinence. Today in the hospital 2 Chernivtsi successfully perform this procedure. The essence of the operation is to establish sitchatoyi synthetic loop in the middle part of the urethra, which reduces pressure on it in the involuntary contraction of 'muscles (coughing, sneezing, laughing, etc.) and thus eliminates the main cause of stress urinary incontinence.

Operation using free synthetic loop is effective in 90-97% of cases in the treatment of urinary incontinence. The use of inert material minimizes trauma intervention, turning it into invasive. This technique may be recommended as the operation of choice in patients with incontinence, and in case of a combination of pathology omission genitals and cystocele vaginal along with other interventions.

Thus, the arsenal of gynecologic operations, including " loop " with stress urinary incontinence ensures improved quality of life for women, giving the feeling of being a healthy mother, a charming wife, full member of society. Do not stay alone with their trouble, contact your doctor and remember, together we will overcome any problems.

The chief doctor of maternity hospital 2 Albert V. Kuritsyn.
The head of the gynecological department of maternity hospital 2 Kuritsyn Svetlana Albertivna.
Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology Bukovina State Medical University Byrchak Inna.
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9-03-2016, 15:17

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