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Walking rejuvenates and positive charges

Walking - completely free and available to all: the young and the elderly. This group can confirm recreational walk from Chernivtsi, which instead clinics comes to the stadium.

Correspondent " MB " met with the group in the stadium " Bucovina " Chenivtsyah at eight in the morning. Among " athletes " - most older women. A coach - energetic smart people thought 60 years.

- I actually 74! - Basil smiles SLUHENSKYY coach free group health walk. - We're going three times a week at eight in the morning: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Engaged and 24-year and 85-year-old
- Organizer of free groups throughout Ukraine (and there in various areas is already 47 - Ed.) - From Kiev Alexander Shymko champion the Soviet Union with Nordic walking - says Vasiliy Fedorovich. His association has a health walk motto " The old, sick, full, step rush me! " Our group is going on in any weather, whether rain or wind or snow - we are in the stadium. For all it's completely free.

Age makes itself felt, although we are engaged and 24-year and 85-year-old. The sooner you start to engage in physical exercise for yourself, the less you will have health problems. Not everyone is immediately possible. But the little man increases the duration and intensity of exercise. Because first we rozmynayemosya, squat, vidzhymayemosya, and then - walking. For example, women come and squat only 5 times, and that's enough! Time passes, and they can sit down 20-30 times already!
We endeavor to regularly, measure blood pressure and pulse, keep records on the results and control. There are women who lost weight by nine kilograms or more - and it is only through walking. We have no one to whom no pressure. How can a man, so many passes. There are those that take place and 10 laps of the stadium, and is only 100 meters - and that's fine! After joking with age is not necessary.

The coach Vasily Sluhenskyy life engaged in physical activity. And now, in his 74 years coaching others. Everyone who stays at home and sighs through his illness, Vasiliy Fedorovich advises:
- Start today. Exercise, take a contrast shower, start the morning with a glass of water with lemon or honey. Never too late to engage in physical exercise, just be very careful, so consult with your doctor.

" Six months later ceased to ache neck "
47-year-old Yuri HRYHORYAK, organizer of recreational walking in Chernivtsi, all his " athletes " calls the girls (and some of them are over 80, - auth.)

- I had a lot of health problems - says Mr. George. - Suffering from attacks of headache, neck, waist, low pressure. By this time, physical therapy never worked for bad see my parents and with my childhood kept. Nowhere did not start, did not allow even a bike ride. They said: " Keep your eyes because oslepnet " .

During the six months longer sore neck for a year and half forgotten about back pain. Pills you will receive it faster, but does not eliminate the problem. I feel much better. We do a lot of people in the group have changed for the better. They have thought that life ended, and come to walking and find yourself!

" Girls " also willing to communicate, cheerful, represented only by name - no middle name.

- I ceased to ache legs - says 66-year-old Virginia. - I have arthritis. I am coming to walking not always, but always at home doing twice daily. Physicians are advised to do, but not much. I was walking improving fit. Nothing hurts. The weight I want to lose. Already thin three kilograms of years, but I want more.
- There is so much positive! - Enthusiastically exclaims 67-year-old Larissa. - Stayed here half an hour - for 10 years and rejuvenated. Walking gives a lot. This is a strong charge. The body rejuvenated.

" How many years of give me? " - asks tightened woman in bright red and yellow costume. " Well, 55 " - answer. " I soon 70! - Mrs. Anna smiles. - And all this stadium. From childhood I was engaged in acrobatics, gymnastics. Sport - is the life " .

" How many laps were? " - ask a woman who had just " descended from a distance " . " I have not figured out - replied smiling, 70-year-old Tatiana. - This group engaged by spring. Since 2002, engaged in recreational physical activity in the room - twice a week. Also go to the pool. I like physical education since high school years. It gives me energy, good mood, supports physically. I myself practitioner. It is recommended to engage in recreational walking people with cardiovascular ailments, problems with pressure, joint disease " .

3 km a day at any rate reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
47 cities Ukraine already has a free health walk groups (not only in regional centers, and in areas). Want to be healthy? Come to the stadium of your town!

And what the doctor said?
" Reduces cholesterol, stronger bones "
Natalia Kulish, senior lecturer in internal medicine, physical rehabilitation and sports medicine Bukovyna State Medical University:
- Many people think that they with enough physical activity while working in the garden or do domestic work. This is - a big mistake! After 40 years, the metabolism slows down, and the body needs fewer calories. The extra calories - is overweight and the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and other diseases. A very common problem is also a problem with the spine, joints of hands and feet. Therefore, before beginning any physical activity should consult a doctor and to train only with regard to all its recommendations. Consult your doctor that you exercise useful, and that can cause harm.
If you choose to exercise alone, and the time when you were last in the gym or on the playground ... eleven years have passed, it is best to see a specialist. It will help you calculate the load will tell you where to start and how to make classes useful.
Health-walking - the best start training. Moderate walking reduce blood cholesterol levels, helps strengthen bones, protect against osteoporosis. In addition, this is a great way to relieve psychological stress. Rhythmically repetitive movements when walking good comfort and even stimulate creative activities.

This can not be
There are a number of strict contraindications to the active exercise:
- any diseases in exacerbation;
- Cold-viral and infectious diseases;
- diseases of musculoskeletal dysfunction of the joints;
- cardiovascular disease;
- hypertension with frequent crises;
- postoperative conditions;
- malignant neoplasms.

It is important to know!
- When walking on the pulse of 50-70% of the maximum 15 minutes. starts to burn fat.
- The most effective deal walking in the morning on an empty stomach or after weight training.
- can and must walk every day!
- The effect of the walk depends on the regularity of workouts.
- Try to walk in parks and gardens, not polluted streets.

(More on the health benefits of walking, read the newspaper " Good health " 7, November 2015)

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