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Three or four apples a day will save from a heart attack

Apple - fruit of youth, even eating one apple a day, you rejuvenate your body for 17 years. This and other amazing properties of apples scientists explored that and proved that regular consumption of apples will prevent many health problems.

During the study the composition of apples found an amazing thing: Apples contain few vitamins and minerals even less, but that does not stop him from being the most useful fruit. What is the secret?
found that lack certain elements offset their diversity.

enhances immunity
- Apples contain a balanced composition of nutrients, organic acids, vitamins and minerals, sugars and pectins, - says Zheorzheta HAYINA, Doctor of Pharmacy, assistant Department of Pharmaceutical Botany and Pharmacognosy BSMU. - Apples contain plenty of pectin needed by the body, which displays the body of toxins. Besides, apples contain fiber, which normalizes the bowels. And organic acid strengthens blood vessels and prevents the formation of oxalate kidney stones.

Flavonoids and polyphenols contained in apples, heals the body and affect its oxidative processes. Also polyphenol improves circulation and prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system and increases immunity.

Eat with the skin
As to the content of the apple in a large number of iron, it is not. 100 g apples containing 2 mg of iron. The daily rate of iron - 15-20 mg. Also, only 10.9 percent iron with apples digested.

- Speaking of a phenomenon familiar to all as browning apples outdoors, it also is not from iron oxidation is thought - explains the doctor. - Oxidation really going on, but due to oxidation of the same polyphenols - plant pigments origin.

polyphenols that have undergone oxidation are not as useful for the body, so try to eat an apple once.

During the day, eat 3-4 apples. The greatest effect will rejuvenate the body only when their regular use. The greatest number of nutrients found it in the skin. So when you eat an apple, try to eat it with the skin. Of course, this only applies to apples that have not undergone processing substances.

Remember, an apple a day will make your doctor unemployed (English proverb).

Did you know?
The properties of apples of different varieties differ because they directly depend on the qualitative and quantitative composition of fruits.

" Antonivka " and " Symerenko " - especially valuable varieties. They all nutrients are stored for several months after they collected wood can not be said of varieties " Jonathan " or " Golden " .

" Jonathan " or " Golden " - a dessert variety, the benefits they bring is much less, and some people even cause allergic reaction.
The peel apples, especially the red varieties, much better than a juicy pulp.

" Antonivka " - contains many salts of iron and copper.

If the patient stomach
In various pathologies of the stomach is recommended to use different varieties of apples.

Thus, gastritis with acidity better to choose fruit sweet varieties.

And when pathologies, accompanied by low acidity, as well as spastic colitis and gall bladder dyskinesia preference should be given sour varieties of apples.

To use apples bring maximum benefit in various pathologies of the stomach, you should follow some rules:
- only need to eat fresh apples, so they should be cut immediately before use;
- not allowed the use of apples rot;
- do not eat the seeds of apples, because it, in addition to iodine contained toxic synilna acid. Of course, nothing terrible will happen if eat more grains, but still more than three should not take;
- do not use fresh (raw) apple as apple peel can irritate the mucous membrane and cause spasm (pain);
- an exacerbation of the disease rather prefer baked apples or mashed them because they are more easily digested, which is extremely important if the stomach painfully perceives fiber, which in large quantities found in raw vegetables, including apples .

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