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Since 30 years, people infected with the flu about 2-fold in 10 years.

Adults real flu infected approximately every n 'Five years, scientists have estimated that conducted field research in China.

Many people confuse influenza with the common cold.

In general, experts at King's College London, institutions, China and the US were looking for signs 9 major strains of influenza circulating in the world in 1968-2009, respectively. These were the strains of influenza virus type A (H3N2).

found that children who lived in villages infected with influenza on average every two years. But as they grow older decreased incidence of infection. Thus, since 30 years, people infected with the flu approximately 2 times for 10 years.

However, quite difficult to distinguish the symptoms of colds and flu. In both cases, fever, sore throat, with 'is coughing. And the same mode of transmission - airborne.

Although influenza still distinguishes sharper course - possible body aches, severe nasal congestion. Plus, it provokes serious flu complications.
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3-10-2015, 20:00

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