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The emotional stress is the cause of pain.

As our emotions fl related to physical pain? Most experts to work with the body, of course, agree that the stress and pain, mostly fl 'connected with movements (or vice versa, with the disadvantage of physical activity). But it becomes more and more practitioners that produce emotional stress as another factors.
This is what areas of tension in our body can tell us about it.


The neck is working on two fronts: on the one hand, can receive necessary life-food, water and air, and on the other - is responsible for the flow of emotions, feelings and thoughts with your voice.

The tension in this area could mean rejection and resistance strange thoughts.


On the shoulders we bear the burden of responsibility, be it work, seven 'I or payments on loans. Hence the creative energy flowing together and manifesting itself in the products of your activities.

Tense shoulders can signal resistance of responsibility or pressure from outside.

Top back

In this area, located on the back side of the heart, laid suppressed emotions of anger, resentment, guilt and shame.

The middle back

This section allows the body to bend and move, reflecting the ability of the individual to the psychological and emotional flexibility.

Stiffness in the middle sections of the back can mean internal closeness, habit to hold on to fear or inability to surrender to the flow of life.
back bottom

This part of the body weight support important organs, so it fl link the ideas of survival, security and independence.

If you feel a lack of confidence in their abilities or failure to meet the expectations of others, this pressure can manifest itself in the lower back.


Despite the seeming m 'quality, buttocks - most often clamped m ' muscles of the body. This section of the body corresponds to alleviate and remove unnecessary, so that all problems related to 'related to the management, control and power are concentrated here.


tension in this region fl originated from unresolved conflicts from the past (eg childhood trauma) and problems in the sexual sphere.

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2-10-2015, 13:00

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