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Not getting out of bed, do warm-up exercises.

In the off-season often people feel weakness and fatigue, and sometimes prevent these phenomena wake up in the morning full of energy. Particularly sensitive to the difficult weather changes people who react to every change in atmospheric pressure and temperature.

But there are ways, even in the dull gray morning and feel within themselves hurricane vitality and enthusiasm. Consider the tips that will help us do every morning fresh and good.

1. Drink tea with Echinacea tincture

In any drugstore sells alcohol tincture of echinacea, which can be used as an additive to tea or separately to improve vascular tone. One problem - if you need to drive or afraid that scolding head (still alcohol), it is best to limit the water decoction.

echinacea flowers are also sold at the pharmacy, but they still can prepare for the season. This plant not only helps to cheer up quickly, but also is an excellent stimulant of immunity.

2. Not getting out of bed, do warm-up exercises

Few immediately after waking instantly jumped out of bed and rushing to carry out their daily business. But do not waste time from alarm call to rise to the absurd " a couple of minutes podrimayu " - this is no good.

Assemble strength and heat slowly all of its 'muscles, stretching and doing simple chaotic movements on the bed. Leave overnight bed next to a glass of water you should drink after n 'yatyhvylynnoyi workout. Then you are guaranteed to feel vivacity.

3. Drink a glass of water with lemon

A glass of warm water with lemon will improve your digestion, cleanse the blood and adds vigor. If you drink water with lemon instead of tea and coffee each morning, you forget what a cold, sleepiness and fatigue. This is truly a wonderful drink, able to heal and give you energy. Try it!

4. Vitamin bomb

cocktail high in vitamins - a great way to quickly and easily recharge your body with powerful energy. For the preparation of cocktails is not required sure to follow the same recipe, you can experiment.

An example of a prescription vitamin bomb - a banana, half a cup of fat yogurt, walnuts and chop frozen strawberries in a blender and drink. Use fruits (fresh and frozen), nuts and obligations 'necessarily dairy product, if not allergic to lactose.

5. Coffee with lemon juice and cinnamon

Some people believe a delicious combination, but subject to proper proportions and cooking - drink incomparable!

Oxidized caffeine twice as fast acting, and it reduces stress on the heart, and cinnamon stimulates the nervous system.
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2-10-2015, 08:30

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