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Proper nutrition prevents complications arising from diabetes.

In the new study, conducted by scientists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, attended by 18 people - eight men and 10 women aged 30 to 70 years. All participants suffered from type 2 diabetes at least 10 years. Body mass index (BMI) volunteers ranged from 22 to 35.

Participants taking metformin and (or) followed dietary recommendations (only 8 patients followed the diet, and 10 people controlled the blood sugar using metformin and diet).

specialists 'yasuvaly: after eating in participants who were on the high-quality diet B (with dense light breakfast and dinner), levels of insulin, C-peptide and hlyukahonopodibnoho peptide-1 were 20% higher and sugar level 20% lower than in the volunteers who followed a diet D (with low-calorie breakfast and hearty dinner).

During the dinner, all participants consumed the same amount of calories. Meanwhile, volunteers who followed a diet, compared with those who followed the diet D, blood glucose afternoon was 20% lower, and insulin levels 20% higher.

Researchers believe that the change in diet for the better will help people who suffer from diabetes, keep your blood sugar normal.

In addition, proper nutrition, according to experts, prevents complications that can occur in diabetes type 2.
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1-10-2015, 17:00

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