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Action lens resembles the work of dental braces.

myopic children more and more. With age, this is not a defect of vision, but enhanced.

However, in childhood myopia can be controlled via ortokeratolohichnyh lenses. Several recent studies prove their effectiveness.

In myopia bad person sees an object in the distance. This is because the eyeball is too long and the image that enters the eye through the pupil, focuses not on the retina of the eye on the far wall, a little before reaching her. Eye prolonged in part by changing the shape of the cornea - the transparent membrane that covers the pupil and iris.

orthokeratology - the technology which allows the shape of the cornea to correct, or at least slow its further deformation. Ortokeratolohichni lenses made by individual parameters of the patient, put the evening before bedtime.

While a person sleeps, lenses hinder change in shape of the cornea and lengthening the eye. Their action is somewhat reminiscent of the work of dental braces.

This is in theory. And in practice? Apparently, according to many articles collected doctors from China in a single overview, ortokeratolohichni lenses actually slow down the development of myopia.

A meta-analysis of seven studies involving about 435 children and adolescents aged 6 to 16, found: in myopic children who used ortokeratolohichni lenses for two years, the length of the eyeball was on average a quarter millimeters shorter than the short-sighted peers who did not use lenses.

The difference may seem small, but statistically significant.

Hence, the lenses of this type makes sense to use - of course, after consultation with the ophthalmologist.
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1-10-2015, 13:00

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