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Participation in the event was over 50 Chernivtsi, which has been measured blood pressure and provided free advice.

Each year on World Heart Day Department of Internal Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine BSMU organizes Chernivtsi promotion of prevention and detection of hypertension.

" Hypertension is considered the epidemic of the XXI century, because it affects 50-60% of the elderly. However, the risk of disease is not just older people, the disease can strike and the young.

There are many risk factors that can contribute to a sustainable increase in blood pressure 'Ian line: overweight; excessive consumption of salt, alcohol; overeating; smoking; metabolism of cholesterol; psycho-emotional stress and nerve activity.

the initial stage of the disease is often asymptomatic, so many patients ignore the precautions and sometimes treatment. That is why, in our opinion, conducting information campaigns, prevention can achieve reduction in the incidence of hypertension, heart attack and stroke " , - the Head of VK Tashchuk.

Also, according to him, the department carried out two scientific topics, whose ultimate goal is to optimize the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of high blood pressure and its consequences inpatient and outpatient residents in Chernivtsi region.

Sept. 22 members of the department of internal medicine, physical rehabilitation and sports medicine (prof. Polianska OS Assoc. Ivanchuk PR, Assoc. Polishchuk O., Assoc. Grechko SI Assoc. Rusnak IT Assoc. GI spine, Al. Hinhulyak OM) workers with CMU " Chernivtsi Regional Clinical Cardiology Clinic " (chief physician Makoviychuk IO) held a fifth of the measurement of blood pressure and disseminate information on the prevention of hypertension.

Participation in the event was over 50 Chernivtsi, which has been measured blood pressure and provided advice on the prevention of hypertension, the rules of a healthy lifestyle and diet, maintaining blood pressure control with existing risk factors for the disease.

Everyone received leaflets with information about hypertension and recommendations for food. It is interesting that about a third of the participants had no idea of the level of their blood pressure and methods of control and stabilization.

However, a positive consequence of such shares is not only the initial detection of high blood pressure, but also drawing attention to the problem among the population, promoting healthy lifestyles, why evidence is to increase the number of people who control your blood pressure.

According to WHO, health is 50% dependent on lifestyle, 20% - from environmental factors, 20% - from food, 10% - from health care. Adherence to a healthy lifestyle is a key and simplest methods of preventing disease.
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26-09-2015, 11:09

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