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The needles have a calming and sedative effect.

In addition to mechanical and thermal effects, pine extract has a chemical effect on the body, since its members include many minerals, vitamins, essential oils, tannins, anthocyanins substances and alkaloids.

Coniferous baths have a calming and sedative effect on the human body. They strengthen the body's defenses, improve immunity, beneficial effect on the skin and central nervous system. The broth is an excellent sudorific, cholagogue. A bath is particularly essential in acute respiratory diseases.

In addition, such tub, especially when combined with drinking broth coniferous, reduces weight, eliminates toxins, radionuclides and toxins from the body.

Prepare a bath at home is not difficult. In warm bath, temperature 36-38 degrees, dissolved in 50-100 ml of liquid pine extract, 1-2 or 50-70 mg tablets. extract in solid cake. You can also use coniferous the salt is diluted as recommended on the package, usually 100 g of salt per 200 liters of water. In addition, we can conifer-salt bath, then in addition to pine extract to the bathroom attached to 4 kg of salt or sea salt 1-2 kg.

It is easy to prepare a decoction of pine needles. To do this, gather in the woods needles, bark and branches of spruce (about 1 kg) are crushed and filled with 8.7 liters of water. Then everything is put on fire and boiling 'yatytsya for 30 minutes. After cooling, pine broth is poured into a warm bath.

better take a bath in the evening, at least an hour after eating, about 1-1.5 to sleep. In the bathroom sink is necessary so that the heart area was above water. Must lie in a comfortable position to all the city 'muscles were relaxed. Under the head can put a rubber pillow or rolled in a roller towel.

Duration of treatment should not exceed 15 minutes. When bathing can pour warm water, but watch out for the well-being. After the procedure should take a shower, zakutatysya in a warm blanket and relax while lying in bed or sitting in a chair.
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