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The substance has analgesic and mild tranquilizing effect.

According to the researchers from the State University of Brazil (UnB) and State Agricultural Research Corporation of Brazil Embrapa, a compound isolated from coffee may become a potential analgesic.

As stated by experts from the State Agricultural Research Corporation of Brazil Embapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation Embrapa) and the Brazilian state university (University of Brasilia) caffeine can act similar to that of morphine analgesic.

Division of Genetics and Biotechnology corporation Embapa, about 'yednavshys with scientists from UnB, opened " previously unknown protein fragments " of morphine effects. As described experts, has analgesic substance and light tranquilizing effect.

Scientists have conducted tests on laboratory mice. Which showed that opioid peptides are natural biological molecules of coffee, have a lasting effect on mice than morphine.
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17-09-2015, 13:00

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