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Overweight parents increases the risk of obesity and overeating in children.

It appears, parents obesity increases the risk of obesity and overeating in children. And it is not only in habits and lifestyle. This blame genetics notes The Times of India.

Having problems with weight fl 'connected with genes that signal when to stop eating. Locked gene expression of POMC, which controls eating behavior may suggest how floor knitted mothers diet and an increased risk of obesity of children.

Over-methylation (DNA modification without changing sequence itself) blocks the ability of expressing this gene. As a result, people saturated later than normal. Overeat and begins to suffer from obesity. This process is able to reproduce the example rats.

All rats, including the offspring of healthy animals receiving normal food. However, they analyzed blood for hormone levels and departments on the subject of brain modifications specific DNA sequences. It turned out negative genetic reprogramming induced fat diet mothers of some rats, increased risk of obesity in the young.
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15-09-2015, 13:00

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