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Everything should be in moderation!

Alcohol increases the risk of cancer of the head and neck. However, researchers from the University of Colorado 'yasuvaly that resveratrol contained in red wine, helps reduce the risk.

Excessive alcohol consumption damages the cells, and resveratrol kills damaged cells that may cause cancer.

The more a person n 'is, the more damage it has DNA. Certain changes in DNA lead to the development of tumors. Resveratrol selects the most dangerous cells (those that most increase the risk of cancer) and removes them. Thus, resveratrol does not help against the risk of cancer caused by drinking alcohol completely. In grape seed extract contains other nutrients.

currently in clinical trials, in which scientists hope to "find out whether resveratrol can prevent cancer of the colon and liver. The researchers also plan to assess the efficiency of resveratrol in the prevention and possibly treatment of cancer of the head, neck and other tumors.

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14-09-2015, 20:00

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