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The objectives are different smartphone use among young people from different countries.

The new study showed that targets smartphones using different young people from different countries. Experts from the University of Texas collaborated with Korean researchers. They 'yasovuvaly how often American and Korean students use smartphones, and what do they use them.

The researchers chose the two countries because they are most smartphone users. In America, the iPhone is 80% of young people, and in Korea - about 90%. It turned out the American students mostly use smartphones for email, texting and social networking. Korean students use the gadgets for entertainment and information search.

Another study conducted earlier showed that students pay mobile phones too much time. About 60% of students surveyed admitted they may depend on your phone. Some felt excitement when the mobile disappeared from their field of vision. Girl-student spending on cell phones an average of 10 hours a day, while male students - about 8 hours. Meanwhile, mobile phone overuse can lead to negative consequences.
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14-09-2015, 08:30

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