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The mixing of races useful.

It was possible to find out where people live genetically perfect. According to a research biologist Layora Pchtera University of California at Berkeley, ideal in terms of genetics in human beings is puertorikantsi. According to scientists, this is due to the legacy of Spanish, African and Taino peoples of a group. Most residents of the Caribbean met this news with humor.

In the course of the biologist concluded that the mestizos, people of Puerto Rico, due to the mixing of different races closest to the concept of "ideal man. " Pechter assured that the ideal man must possess genetic code HG00737. According to scientists, these people already existed. The biologist said that Mr. 'Five natives of the country were awarded the title "Miss Universe ". For this indicator, Puerto Rico is second only to the United States and Venezuela. According to this thesis by the "puertorikanskoho excellence " can be called Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin.

Clearly, research Pchtera based on serious scientific information. Through mathematical analysis scientist 'yasuvav that the alleged "ideal man " must have all the healthy genes of different racial groups. This parameter can be called such puertorikanska woman.

Pechter said that different groups scattered throughout the world, have as "good " genes, and those that lead to the emergence of certain diseases. Thus, the thesis of Puerto-Ricans ideal not devoid of meaning: his way of mixing bloodlines, representatives of this nation have become owners of "good " genes of different racial groups.
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11-09-2015, 17:00

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