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buy expensive detergents.

Detergent - something without which we can not imagine life. This miracle tool helps millions of women to save time and money. But is it just us purity? Unfortunately, it can also "give" irritation, allergies and even chronic hvoroby, not speaking of environmental damage.

The greatest "terror" lies in the composition of household chemicals, which we often do not pay attention. Phosphates, chlorine, zeolites, petroleum products ... whatever you find there.

In addition, these substances are harmful, and so, the manufacturers of household chemicals and even neglect their contents. Many powders containing longer than the dose of these substances.

Phosphates are harmful in themselves, especially in combination with synthetic surfactants (SAS). These substances can be collected on the body and affect the immune system, cause dermatitis, allergies, which are harmful and dangerous not only for children but also adults. Surfactants can contribute to the emergence of even infertility.

South Africa is almost impossible to withdraw from a fabric in cool or cold water. But if opoliskuvaty things in boiling water, then the amount of pollutants reduced. But things like old curtains, after a series of "proparyuvan" can be simply thrown away and have to buy curtains are new.

In some countries long ago abandoned the use of powders containing phosphates. In Germany, Italy, Norway ... use only secure powders and bad - is prohibited by law.

So, buy the powder, which contains no phosphates and then you can keep your immune system. We do not recommend to buy laundry detergent, the packaging which is not part of, or if it is listed illegible, invisible characters. You can ask the health certificate for the selected product, if you are not sure of its safety.

do not select powders in non-specialized stores or in markets where you have the greatest chance to buy a fake.

Avoid direct contact with body powder. When washing the blade wear special gloves, and after - wash your hands well under protichnoyu water.

Note also that some powder "eat" not only dirt and stains, but the very fabric. These are products that contain enzymes.

Buy eco-friendly detergents. Yes, they are more expensive than usual, but are you not hurt yourself and your family. These powders contain no artificial flavors, dyes, phosphates, they are safe at home and do not harm the environment.
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8-09-2015, 08:30

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