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The events in Mukachevo on July 11 were largely provoked by the actions of heads of police and Security Service in Zakarpattya region.

This is stated in the conclusions of the Interim Commission of the Verkhovna Rada on the investigation into the conflict in the Transcarpathian region, which at a parliamentary meeting took TSC chairman Mykola Palamarchuk.

" There is reason to believe that the armed conflict July 11, 2015 in Mukachevo. Was largely triggered actions The police and the SSU in the Transcarpathian region, because managers and employees of these bodies not only been informed of the meeting of Duk ODA " Right Sector "People's Deputy of Ukraine Lan MI July 11, 2015 in the city. Mukachevo, but also participated in the organization of this meeting and its operational accompanied " - said Palamarchuk.

In the Commission's opinion also states that " According to a TSC materials can be concluded that the primary cause of the armed conflict that took place July 11, 2015 in Mukachevo., Was the elucidation relations between the major political and business communities Transcarpathian region to control contraband flows that pass through the state border of Ukraine in that region " .

The members of the FAC Parliament stressed the need to establish "political curators of" trafficking in the Transcarpathian region and to give their work proper legal assessment (particularly in the investigation of the criminal proceedings opened into the shooting July 11 in Mukachevo).

Palamarchuk noted that today the preliminary investigation into the events that took place July 11, 2015 in Mukachevo, carried out as part of a large number of criminal proceedings posed a risk of incompleteness of the preliminary investigation, namely that an investigation limited installation circumstances of individual episodes of armed conflict.

The conclusions of the FAC provides that " there was a need thorough clarification of the investigator (Procedure) by role in the emergence and development of the conflict and ending the people's deputies of Ukraine Viktor Baloga, Michael Lanier, Dmytro Yarosh, the then leaders of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Transcarpathian region Sergey Sharanycha and SSU in Zakarpattya Oblast Vladimir Geletey and other law enforcement officials " .

The members of the FAC Parliament believe that we should recognize poor operational-search measures to establish and prove the fault of the organizers of the events of 11 July in Mukachevo and wanted direct participants in the conflict.

" One of the reasons may be personal interest leaders MIA and SSU in the Transcarpathian region, some of them after the events of July 11, 2015 in Mukachevo. Remain in their positions (in particular, the first deputy chief of CSS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region Geletey VV deputy head of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Transcarpathian region Rusin VA) " - said in a report FAC.

In addition, states that the Commission has not established the system outside pressure on the investigating authorities in criminal proceedings specified events.

" However, taking into account the interests of certain political and business groups, depending on the investigation in the future can not be ruled out various kinds of impact on the pre-trial investigation " - believe members of the FAC.

In addition, members of the FAC believes that the conflict was made possible because of the existence of the Transcarpathian region of favorable conditions for impunity of armed criminal gangs, including the use of symbols of patriotic organizations.

" The activity of these groups did not receive a proper response, primarily UMVDU and UAS in the Transcarpathian region, each in its own way provided the "cohabitation" with such groups, as a result there was "fusion " law enforcement criminals, which leads to the need for law enforcement cleaning Transcarpathia " - said in a report.

At TSC also stressed that " is an unacceptable situation in which Geletey VV, who has long led the UAS in Transcarpathian region, subsequent to the armed conflict on the current situation of trafficking in Transcarpathia remains as first deputy head of the SBU of the same " .

Recall that in Mukachevo on July 11 there was shooting. Conflict arose between the parties " Right Sector " and people from the entourage of MP Michael Lan. According to representatives " PS " deer had caused them to negotiate because " PS " began to interfere with flows of contraband.

As a result of the incident in Mukachevo injured 14 people, killing three.

opened three criminal proceedings: the creation of a criminal organization, terrorist act and abuse of power and official authority (in respect of police). They are all united in one proceeding.

July 14th Parliament established a temporary commission of inquiry into the incident.
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