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For the first time in 15 years in Ukraine can significantly change the content of the consumer basket, which pegged the minimum wage and pensions.

As noted, the content of the basket is not changed in Ukraine since 2000, writes DW.

This is the minimum set of goods and services which, by law, must ensure a normal human being. And it is based on the consumption basket set minimum wages and pensions.

Now, a Ukrainian with 'appeared a chance to get the basket that meets the realities of today's life.

obtain a review of the basket Kyiv decided lawyer Stanislav Batryn. In his view, that normally exist person needs about 7 thousand a month.

The comments defender said that if only list the old value of the basket at current prices, get at least 4 thousand. And despite the fact that many viable products and services are not included in this list.

Therefore Batryn sued the government of Ukraine. Although the proceedings are still pending (next meeting would be held on September 16), its people still achieved.

Cabinet has agreed to review the contents of the basket and ordered four departments, namely the Ministry of Social Policy, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance, to the scientific and public examination of the list of components of the consumer basket.
Recall from September 1 this year the living wage in Ukraine is UAH 1,330.

However, expect that soon the basket in the government can really appreciate in 7000 hryvnia, do not convinced chairman of the economics of Ukraine Adnriy Novak.

He believes that the money that freed after partial restructuring of public debt and financial assistance to Ukraine, which comes from the outside, as it were enough to have to increase the size of the basket a half to two times.

In addition, the increase in the consumer basket will facilitate and increase the minimum wage.

Therefore many companies that will be unable to pay taxes on new minimum wages will have to go further in the "shadow ". So here it is expedient to immediately talk about reducing the tax burden in Ukraine is convinced that Novak.
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11-09-2015, 12:25

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