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President Poroshenko stressed that the proposed changes to the Constitution no "individual status " to Donbass.

He stated this during a meeting of Council of Regions.

"With regard to paragraph 18 of the transitional provisions. It would not have tried to hang noodles on the ears Ukrainian people, and whatever the motivation is not guided by those who are trying to find in the Constitution what is not there - separate status for the Donbass. You will find ? I ask too - show people "Poroshenko said.

"No? Do not lie, " - he was indignant.

In addition, Poroshenko stressed that deliberately removed from Article 92 of the Constitution to prevent "parade of sovereignties ".

"We intentionally removed from the current Constitution article 92, paragraph 16, which clearly emphasize: the laws of Ukraine set ... more paragraph 16 of the status of other cities. That is in the Constitution (now - UP) says that if parliament accepts and the president sign the law on the special status of Donbass as Donetsk, Lugansk, Snow, Torez, Rovenky, any city ... and that the Constitution provides now ... and vote 31 numbers we opened the process to remove paragraph 16 of Article 92 of the body constitution " - said Poroshenko.

"We do this to prevent the parade of sovereignties " - said Poroshenko.

"never in the future to the new structure of BP, and possibly future president not to sign povadno laws that destroy the unitary structure of our country and stop the parade of sovereignties " - said the president.
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9-09-2015, 15:10

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