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President Poroshenko said that on August 31 could suffer MPs and journalists for combat grenade intended for the Houses of Parliament.

He stated this at the enlarged extraordinary Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

"Now I can tell the plan that was in the terrorists: cover smoke performers - in order to protect them from CCTV and not to allow to identify the criminals who planned to kill people and make this a provocation, " - said Poroshenko.

"And that's why representatives of the National Guard threw smoke bombs to prevent criminals cover - no grenades, smoke bombs and rejected, in order to ensure the investigation of a crime then. " - He said.

According to the president, "the first grenade had hit natshvardiytsiv, causing a fire in response, a second grenade was meant for windows Verkhovna Rada ".

"This is a special grenade - not RGD-5, which breaks down in 5-6 seconds after it falls, and it RGO, which breaks down immediately after contact with any surface, including from glass Parliament, which was caked with MPs and journalists, "- he said.

"700 pieces, which had to fly there - imagine the number of victims of Parliament. Including those who are now taking the liberty to condemn fighters natshvardiytsiv " - said Poroshenko ..

"is you want a separation? That you wanted to lead the country? Because my actions as President as Supreme Commander, the actions of security forces, including the National Guard, police, armed forces which are on the side of the people now ... ( such) ", - said the president.

"What is the fundamental difference between the situation? Terrorists all strongly condemn and demand punishment for them, and the place on the Constitution Square, killing Ukrainian fighters - always carry fresh flowers " - said Poroshenko, obviously, recalling Square.

As you know, August 31 at the Parliament protesting against the decision in the first reading the presidential draft amendments to the Constitution regarding decentralization. In security forces flew stones, smoke bombs, and grenades through that three police officers died and about 140 people were injured.
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8-09-2015, 16:05

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