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The Ministry of Defence said that ATO members have the right to call the police if they are denied free travel provided by the certificate combatants.

The relevant devel 'explanations made public on Tuesday at the defense department in Facebook.

"If you are aware of a violation of law personnel of a bus in the sale of tickets to participants ATO, before going to the checkout locate at least one witness. Then in his presence, ask a cashier availability on your preferred flight. Only then, if there is room, get a certificate UBD and ask to give you a free ticket ", - said the Rose 'explanations.

"If you hand in this for any reason refuse, call the administration and the next bus patrol police ", - noted in the Ministry of Defense.
The police must make an administrative report violations of the law by officials of the bus, who have to sign a victim and a witness.

"If you bought a hand free ticket and the driver will not let you in the salon, do the same as in the previous example. But the police in this case should make for two minutes: the bus driver and the company from which it operates. have at least two passengers and be witnesses to sign protocols "- said in comments also.

If the driver of urban public transport requires veteran tolls and refuses to follow the route, as recommended attire call the police by calling 102.

"Order your further actions similar to the previous one, or contact the Department of social protection or the state administration in the area where you did so, complaining, "- said in Minborony
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4-10-2016, 14:05

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