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Ex - "berkutivets " Kharkiv Viktor Shapovalov in court pleaded guilty, apologized and called the names of former colleagues treated with lead buckshot ammunition instead of rubber bullets.

The man said he regrets what happened. Asked whether he speaks for all "Berkut " Shapovalov said: "This I say for myself (which I regret) " said "5 channel ".

After a year and a half in prison a former employee of the Kharkiv "Berkut " partially admitted his guilt and even named names of former colleagues treated with lead buckshot ammunition instead of rubber.

"I note that pump gun issued to personnel: Bondarenko Sergey Cancer Mishchenko, Voitenko-paper. It is the personnel that were with pump action. Even Batskih, Beletsky, Kobets, Matsyura, Pavlenko, processing, Shevchenko. personnel from "forts " Lucas ran. "forts go! " - he "- said the former spetspryznachenets.

The accused said he saw "berkutivtsi " the fortress lane sticks beat people, but did nothing. He did not respond and when spetspryznachentsi shot.

"Shapovalov charged that as a commander unit exceeded his authority. It is workers Kharkov " Berkut "we believe were caused by injuries of 110 people of varying severity " - said the prosecutor Alexander Kovalchuk.

The Shapovalov told in detail how spetspryznachentsi from different regions distinguish each other on the Square in February 2014. According to him, the helmets back pasted colorful stickers. The lawyers argue that this information will make it possible to distinguish other involved in the killings and injuries yevromaydanivtsiv.

"This is important because in addition to other insignia actually identify " berkutivtsiv "ordinary impossible because they were wearing masks, took on helmets closed. Their faces are very difficult to identify " - said the lawyer Alexander Musienko victims.

The prosecutor argues that evidence Shapovalov very important. In fact, it shows against other spetspryznachentsiv that can help prove their guilt. In particular, and the company commander Kharkiv "Berkut " Vladislav Lukash, who was also accused of exceeding official powers.
At the next meeting in Podolsk court on October 18 will give indications victims.
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4-10-2016, 12:50

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