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Interior Ministry plans to make a number of changes in the legislation regulating the work of the police.

This was stated by the head of the house Natspolitsiyi Dekanoidze at a briefing on Monday.

"It will change, or rather clarify some laws of Ukraine, including the Code of Ukraine on adminporushennya, the law of Ukraine on the traffic and the Law of Ukraine Natspolitsiyu ", - she said.

"We want to clarify the rules that will protect not only the police, but first of all, will protect the citizens of Ukraine ", - she added.

She cited several changes that are planning to implement.

"The Law of Ukraine traffic we want to clarify the rule when police stopped a man (vehicle) and warns the driver that you can not leave the shop ", - she said.

"When the policeman says you have to stay in the car ... then you have to stay in the cabin of vehicles " - she added.

However, she stressed that the leadership Natspolitsiyi no initiative to ban filming of police.

"(planned - Ed.) To clarify the procedure for pre 'appearance of the documents driver ... now police have pre driver ' yevlyaye documents. We will clarify that the driver must pass documents " - said Dekanoidze.

"We want to increase the responsibility for the escape from the accident ", - she said.

According to her, "plans to clarify the reasons for the temporary detention of the vehicle ".

"We want to clarify the extent of the examination of drivers in terms of alcohol or drugs ch 'yaninnya without witnesses " - said Dekanoidze.

"We want to clarify the extent and the right of police to inspect the vehicle, his luggage and interior " - she said, noting that the rule proposed in connection 'connection with a large number of illegal weapons in the country.

Also, according to Dekanoidze, will increase liability for insulting a police officer.
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3-10-2016, 17:10

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