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The recent tragedy at the dump near Lviv confirmed that the waste situation in Ukraine is threatening. Vitak, registered in the parliament following projects:

- number 4838, a new law "On Waste", adopted in 1998 and have bad meets modern requirements;
- number 4836, on amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine (concerning taxation placing waste);
- number 4835, amending some laws to promote the use of waste as alternative energy sources;
- number 4837, amending the Budget Code (concerning the use of some types of environmental tax).

An attempt to initialize the following measures can be considered as registered on June 16 in the Verkhovna Rada of four bills developed by a group of deputies, which includes Nina Yuzhanina, chairman of the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy.

The cost of disposal of waste should include all costs associated with the construction and operation of landfill waste, a financial guarantee in the event of insolvency of the company operating the landfill, and the costs of closure and postoperative care of the landfill for 30 years after closure.

introduced a new kind of environmental tax - on production and imports of goods and packing it. Its tax base is the weight of packaging. The tax rate depends on the type of material packaging. The lowest will be glass - 0.63 UAH per 1 kg, the highest - for plastics (5,46 USD) and combined (6.18 USD).

introduce a single tax rate for placing low hazard waste - 80 USD per 1 ton (currently paid at the general rate for low hazard waste - 4.02 UAH). By placing unutilized waste this rate increased six times. Elevating factor in the placement of such waste should encourage efforts to recycling.

introduce administrative responsibility for providing false information on the volume of reuse or material recycling packaging waste (fine 50% of net sales last year), for violation of terms of providing such information (10% of net income) and avoidance of a contract for services with the treatment of solid waste (50 to 100 times the income).

According to the authorities, is the current average tariff for disposal of waste in Ukraine (50-70 USD per ton) does not ensure proper handling and encourages companies do not recycle waste, just export them to landfills. The same size of the current rate of environmental tax does not reduce the volume of disposal of waste.

Since the placement rate for household waste will increase at least 20 times the population it will inevitably lead to higher tariffs on the export of waste.
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2-07-2016, 15:21

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