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Not only Hope. Almost three dozen Ukrainian hostages captured by Russian secret services during the aggression against our country, according to a story TSN .

The standard scheme - Ukrainian detained in the territory of or in occupied Crimea. The prosecution, say human rights activists, sometimes absurd.

According espionage was sentenced to 11 years Ukrainian, who had never been to Russia. Participation in the first Chechen war, judged the man who was at the capital. And in order to arrange a show and discredit Ukraine.

Torture, humiliation, beatings and torture - because it took almost every one of nearly three dozen prisoners. All about 'united one - the refusal to cooperate with the Russian FSB, fabricated charges and almost always convicted.

For the fate of Oleg and Alexander Sentsov KOLCHENKO Ukrainian closely monitored in the same way as for the case of Hope Savchenko. Directed Rostov court has given 20 years for bars. Activists KOLCHENKO - 10. However, even under torture admit guilt Ukrainian abandoned.

One of the key witnesses was to be Ukrainian Gennadiy Afanasyev. But he refused to testify, claiming pressure. Together with the other defendants in the case Chyrniyem Alexei Afanasyev was 7 years old. Now Sentsov, Kolchenko and Afanasiev completed the documents for extradition and await a decision from.

Nicholas Karpyuk and Stanislav Klyhu its verdict only have to hear. Asks the public prosecution in Grozny to 22 years in colony - allegedly for taking part in Chechen war in 1990. Protection requires to withdraw the charges because the statute of limitations for those items already expired. And the same thing Karpyuk Klyha-called absurd. Because of the war were both in Ukraine and that there is ample evidence. Once the verdict announced, Ukrainian Ming 'Yust ask about the transfer of prisoners.

Currently, such requests - more than a dozen. In one of them - named 'I Soloshenko George, former director of the Poltava factory "Banner " accused of spying. Soloshenko given 6 years of strict regime. Relatives worry that the 73-year-old oncology with many not last and can not wait for extradition.

Valentina from Kiev Vyhovsky detained in Crimea. Also spying against Russia. Thus he Valentin neither law enforcement nor the military has never worked. And most importantly - never been in before his arrest. Investigators also claim that the information he had collected over the Internet, interest in Russian aircraft and armored vehicles. Valentin was 11 years old. But despite this - the man and his family believe in returning home.

Simferopol Alexander Kostenko was sentenced for beating "berkutivtsya " on euromaidan. By what law judge Russia for beating another Ukrainian Ukrainian on Ukrainian territory - is nonsense for global justice. And such absurdities, suggest human rights activists, Ukrainian can hear even more. Because of many Ukrainian HC 'trapped at home may not know.

When asked how this fight, say - needed publicity to the whole world. And maybe then captives finally able to return to Ukraine.

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26-05-2016, 08:30

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