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The children woke up completely bald, suffered from the horrors and hallucinations
3-09-2016, 21:37 Read more
The process of unification universities are still pending
3-09-2016, 16:13 Read more
Law enforcement officers found 39 plastic barrels with a capacity of 220 liters of alcohol each
3-09-2016, 14:18 Read more
Нідерландська компанія замість чернівецького сміттєзвалища зайнялася Ковельським
It was the fastest in Kovel passed all the procedural issues and created the necessary conditions for
3-09-2016, 13:56 Read more
The mayor of Chernivtsi and deputies podyskutuvaly case of the MP, who is suspected of bribing the vote in the elections
2-09-2016, 14:37 Read more
This faction demanded that "Freedom " and "Hometown "
2-09-2016, 12:21 Read more

Oksana Paliychuk believes that we first look at the books to school not planted
2-09-2016, 10:02 Read more
September 1 grand opening of the board Vladimir Buzenku held in velykyi kuchuriv
2-09-2016, 08:11 Read more
S. Martyniuk assured: class in school №33 not closed, though the students for the functioning enough
1-09-2016, 15:16 Read more
Despite the fact that many years have passed, they still pam_amp_ # 96; yatayut his first visit to the school
1-09-2016, 14:06 Read more
Bukovina, along with other regions of Ukraine are not informed or ready to allocate money to restore roads
1-09-2016, 13:15 Read more
The Sentinels establish whether the anti-Ukrainian publications in these appeals, and he left them in school
1-09-2016, 00:08 Read more
And in fact there were no documents on the 2010 elections
31-08-2016, 20:21 Read more
The department of education is studying this issue
31-08-2016, 18:10 Read more
SBU stopped the illegal extraction of gravel-sand mixture on an industrial scale
31-08-2016, 15:42 Read more
They will last for two weeks in Lviv
31-08-2016, 12:35 Read more
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