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Preferential travel in the bus resumed from September 8
8-09-2016, 17:06 Read more
Taras Polatajko called on the railroad to deal with the problem of removals
8-09-2016, 16:14 Read more
For eight years, five ministers have promised to build a bridge in Marshyntsi
8-09-2016, 14:20 Read more
The Court has chosen this as a preventive measure
8-09-2016, 12:21 Read more
They were found in a cesspool
8-09-2016, 08:56 Read more
Strange people sued in the family apartment
7-09-2016, 19:45 Read more
The accident occurred on the street Heroes Square
7-09-2016, 16:08 Read more
Workers "MiskShEPu " dismantled building structure
7-09-2016, 10:42 Read more
However, convinced the mayor, in such a short period of 20 million is unrealistic to learn
6-09-2016, 16:21 Read more
The police continue to clarify the circumstances of the brutal murder
6-09-2016, 12:55 Read more
Alex Kaspruk - the situation with the case of Rostislav Bilyk
5-09-2016, 17:25 Read more
Motorists are advised to go around the accident to the side streets Fastovsky
5-09-2016, 13:23 Read more
Police calls Chernivtsi be responsible
5-09-2016, 08:56 Read more
Oksana Paliychuk said districts where students show the best and worst of knowledge
4-09-2016, 15:40 Read more
When checking in avtivtsi were found 26 boxes of cigarettes " Rotmans "
4-09-2016, 13:50 Read more
The attacker was wanted for theft in the White Church
3-09-2016, 21:46 Read more
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