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Meteorologists predict a sharp decline in temperature in Ukraine in late October.
4-10-2016, 17:50 Read more
Even at home the child was ill, the hospital diagnosed with traumatic brain injury
4-10-2016, 15:41 Read more
The event was timed to the 141 anniversary of the founding of the University
4-10-2016, 14:07 Read more
Debt PAT " Chernivtsihaz " the company " Teplokomunenergo " is to pay within three months
3-10-2016, 18:48 Read more
The tragedy occurred in the village Lomachyntsi Sokyryany area
3-10-2016, 12:22 Read more
Vladimir Bedrykivskyi not made a declaration to the estate in Kyiv by writing it to my mother, who lives in Chernivtsi
2-10-2016, 16:37 Read more
The accident occurred this morning on the street Sholem Aleichem
2-10-2016, 11:40 Read more
Окрім весільних суконі, дівчата презентували серію вечірніх суконь, аксесуарів та біжутерії.
1-10-2016, 19:27 Read more
Chernivtsi celebrate the 608 th anniversary of the first written mention
1-10-2016, 13:28 Read more

Already for ten years Chernivtsi Chernivtsi citizens blacksmiths making gifts to City Day
1-10-2016, 11:59 Read more
United kilkist measures for different tastes, for both adults and children
1-10-2016, 09:36 Read more
Waiting for their housing is 236 families
30-09-2016, 18:42 Read more
equip its long-dreamed, and there were no funds
30-09-2016, 11:24 Read more
and reduces dosage rates, and the number of beds
30-09-2016, 10:41 Read more
In the city council believe that Paul Field would listen to their recommendations
29-09-2016, 20:16 Read more
The sale still have tickets in the first and second fan zone
29-09-2016, 19:41 Read more
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