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Take kontrasnyy shower.
25-08-2015, 20:00 Read more
The anniversary of Independence
25-08-2015, 10:06 Read more
Ukrainians , who were returning home from holidays or business trips , is pleased to accept congratulations from our border
23-08-2015, 20:11 Read more

They have to clear 760 meters of channel
22-08-2015, 13:18 Read more
Школи в Чернівцях шукають вчителів

Jobs first announced the Department of Education
22-08-2015, 12:20 Read more

With a hundred schools of Ukraine Chernivtsi school №41 in third place
22-08-2015, 11:40 Read more
will continue in the Art Museum until September 20
19-08-2015, 20:11 Read more
The author wished to remain anonymous works
19-08-2015, 14:13 Read more
The Office confirms that this person is no longer working in the prosecutor's office
19-08-2015, 01:19 Read more
They came into force in June
18-08-2015, 15:45 Read more
Repair works expected to be completed before the school year
17-08-2015, 16:16 Read more
Previously, she worked in the tax
17-08-2015, 14:52 Read more
Inventions and projects born in Chernivtsi Friedrich Kizlera ahead of its time
17-08-2015, 12:25 Read more
The Commissioner welcomes soldiers who have medical training to work in the 233 range, which in Rivne.
14-08-2015, 15:49 Read more

The project organizes Romanian Society journal " time "
14-08-2015, 13:48 Read more

A plaque on the facade of the building to the 125 anniversary of the birth of the artist
13-08-2015, 13:22 Read more
The main architect of the city presented a draft courtyard
12-08-2015, 15:54 Read more
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