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Гуртожитки ЧНУ зачинили для «чужих»
A visit to the students can come only next of kin
12-03-2015, 17:18 Read more
У Чернівцях навчаються двоє студентів, які приїхали з Китаю
Moved here from Lugansk, where he now waged war
12-03-2015, 13:02 Read more
Вино може зробити людину привабливішою

Alcohol pupil expands to face poured blood (with 'room is ' Kamyanets) m 'muscles are relaxed face, making a person more attractive.
10-03-2015, 18:00 Read more
Оксана Продан показала Верховну Раду студентам з Чернівців
Deputies showed students Parliament
4-03-2015, 13:17 Read more
У Чернівцях навчають майстрів систем опалення, кондиціонування та водопостачання
In CNU held a lecture about water filtration system
28-02-2015, 08:55 Read more
Студентів можуть виключити з ЧНУ, бо їх гроші зникли у банку
They paid training in the bank "Nadra " and the university has not received funds
26-02-2015, 18:47 Read more
Пропущені заняття чернівецькі школярі не відпрацьовуватимуть
Students complete tasks at home via the Internet
26-02-2015, 10:54 Read more
Півсотні буковинських студентів вшанували пам'ять загиблих на Майдані (ФОТО)
The central square, they lit candles and honored the city 'Five killed a year ago in a moment of silence Square
20-02-2015, 15:12 Read more
У Чернівцях на карантин зачинено ще дві школи
They SARS ill for more than 25% of students
19-02-2015, 16:54 Read more
У Чернівцях на карантин зачиняють три школи
They SARS ill for more than 25% of students
18-02-2015, 16:51 Read more
Відсвяткували день доброти

Medical students celebrate Day of spontaneous display of kindness.
18-02-2015, 14:00 Read more
 Director of the Technical Bukovina collecting money for student absenteeism
SBU exposed illegal activities director at the college Kitsmane
11-12-2014, 17:51 Read more
 Ride the exchange , but remain forever

Exchange programs allow you to go through the training and internships in America, Europe and even Asia
15-11-2014, 09:48 Read more
 Rector Boychuk late into pairs via transport and economist Kyrpushko prosypav their
Famous Bukovina were told that the students were
14-11-2014, 12:14 Read more
 From now Chernivtsi students and students pay half price for travel in the bus
Instead, civilian travel on trolley and a half times more expensive
1-11-2014, 08:17 Read more
 Choir students attended a concert CNU Romania
Visited with concert village Nehostyna Suceava County
23-10-2014, 12:49 Read more
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