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started work prishkolnom, tent camps and language
30-05-2016, 14:09 Read more
The students won 86 prizes
25-05-2016, 18:21 Read more
Almost two thousand high school students from across the region
29-04-2016, 08:56 Read more
The border detachment made a tour
21-04-2016, 14:42 Read more
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the disaster
18-04-2016, 19:08 Read more
Casual acquaintances decided to seize the money and jewels foreigners
12-04-2016, 17:01 Read more
The students themselves brought the earth and plants and turned the road to a bed
8-04-2016, 09:19 Read more
BSMU Students who have completed military training
2-04-2016, 13:01 Read more

Consideration carting transportation of pupils - a performance issue
17-03-2016, 13:36 Read more

They collected gifts worth about 15 thousand
4-03-2016, 12:52 Read more
18-20 February in the German capital Berlin held prestigious international competitions WKF- karate.
24-02-2016, 18:38 Read more
for all members of the historical group will hold fire show
13-02-2016, 14:28 Read more
Even the Ministry of Education does not know when students can provide all the manuals
11-02-2016, 18:58 Read more
Director of the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education of Ukraine Oleg Sharov - the process of reorganization of universities in Ukraine
1-02-2016, 21:39 Read more
Mathematics Olympiad
20-01-2016, 13:44 Read more
Instead, children are given lunch of sandwiches
18-01-2016, 14:12 Read more
Volunteers urged MPs not to forget the fighters on the East
13-01-2016, 12:12 Read more
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