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The coins dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the region is 26 hryvnias
7-08-2015, 11:49 Read more
The names were enrolled in the stands and on the Internet
6-08-2015, 16:07 Read more
Revenues increased by almost a third
5-08-2015, 13:38 Read more
The two-week seminar organized by several universities
5-08-2015, 09:52 Read more
Office Derzhpratsi in Chernivtsi region
4-08-2015, 14:19 Read more
The court ruled to collect the debt
4-08-2015, 09:32 Read more
According to the City Council
4-08-2015, 09:19 Read more
In 23 cases, the suspects established
3-08-2015, 09:51 Read more
From Saturday price fell by nearly half a dollar
3-08-2015, 09:19 Read more
Nearby state order was also Storozhynets College
31-07-2015, 13:55 Read more
announced a competition for the positions of directors of state forestries
31-07-2015, 08:59 Read more
Additional seats allocated to the specialty, which recently passed the licensing
30-07-2015, 11:56 Read more

Ukrainian taxpayers as a whole for the first half of 2015 paid to the state budget 4,000,000,000 99,700,000 UAH military training
29-07-2015, 21:20 Read more

Natsionalnakomisiya , which performs state regulation in the field called ' communication and information ( NCRC) at a meeting on Tuesday , July 28, decided to increase the maximum tariffs for local fixed -called ' Connection to an average of 17.5%
28-07-2015, 16:10 Read more
All goods will be transferred to the State Fiscal Service
26-07-2015, 18:48 Read more
Голова Чернівецької ОДА стурбований кадровим призначенням у керівництві Держгеокадастру
Fyschuk alarmed appointment to the post of first deputy department Vadim Chuvpyla
24-07-2015, 17:28 Read more
В Україні створять державний реєстр військовозобов'язаних
it to keep track of the location of the right person
23-07-2015, 17:57 Read more
Прикордонники Буковини та Волині вилучили на кордоні 25 ящиків сигарет
smuggled cigarettes worth about 60 thousand
23-07-2015, 07:39 Read more
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